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If you have been employed and not happy with your job, then we have something in common. And I am pretty sure it's not just you and me.

Anyone who works for someone else for money will eventually find unhappiness along the line. Unless your job pays you 100 times more than what you expected then maybe you won't feel so unsatisfied. But then, money as a motivation doesn't last long. Eventually, you will end up doing something else.

People say "Those who don't have dream work for those who have dreams". It's so true but how can one help it when all one has got to do it to work for somebody because nowadays, no money means no life.

Simple as that, you need money to be your own boss. 

If you have someone who is willing to support you financially until you are strong on your feet then you're a lucky one. 

I am in no position to tell you what to do because I myself is trying to hack my own life too. It shouldn't be this difficult but this is where life has been leading us to and we have no choice. We've gotta ride on top of it and own our lives. 

I know this blog page has been full of craps and I have been abandoning it way too long. But today I am going to make a come back and share with you all how my journal to making more money is going on so far. It's not a perfect one. Nothing is perfect but I feel like if I share something then maybe someone who feels the same way can get some motivation or even inspiration to start doing something. I may even get valued advices from people who already went ahead of me.

Either way, it's gonna be a win win situation.


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