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Beautiful girl, you think???!!!

Tell me, when you look at the picture above, do you think that person is male or female? Be commonsensical okay, what I see is a person with long hair, wearing black bra, holding flowers and there is a bridal veil on "her" head, obviously I "thought" that was a girl, a good-looking one indeed. But no, HE is not a girl. And unfortunately it is not a joke. I mean he didn't do it for fun or any entertainment purpose. His name is Chris Crocker by the way. He REALLY wants to be a girl. He has a boifriend. Thus, he is gay!!!

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So what, I still like him!!!
In fact, I like him A LOT!!!
Why? He has great personalities and he makes sense when he speaks...
Tell me I'm insane or dumb or whatever you want...
Because guess what, I don't care!!!
And FYI, Chris Crocker doesn't care either!!!

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Let me tell you how I got to know him. People call him "internet celeb". It is because he became famous for uploading a vid on Youtube. It reached 2 mil views after only 48 hours. And boi, you will have to believe me, you will surely either LOL/stare/watch without blinking eyes/drop your jaw/hate/admire the shamelessness/think this guy (or girl as I first thought) crazy, etc. You know what, I felt and did all of those altogether when I watched it.

While I am typing these lines, that video has reached a whopping
23,886,688 views (don't know why I remembered it reached 43 million views =="). Guess I should not waste your time reading and just show you the video straight away. I warn you, be prepared for the funny/scary/annoying/maybe normal (if you are too well prepared!!!) vid you are gonna watch!!!

Actually, after I watched it, my first thought was "Oh My!!! I need to know what make up brand she is using!!!" because you see, Chris Crocker cried like mad and tears keep falling down, but the eye-liner/mascara part on his eyes doesn't smudge. Anyway, as I was very free last night (or this morning), at around 3 am, I watched a few of his vids. Most of them are self-prepared "monologe" where he talked to the camera and recorded it. I thought I would just watch for fun, look for more funny/lame/crazy vids he made. But the more I watched, the more I like him. I mean I've never seen someone who is so straightforward, someone who speaks his mind and the important thing is what he said does make sense, not like some fake people who talk a lot but they are just being fake, being a lie to themselves and people around them. I do hope I and Chris have this in common.

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So anyway, why don't you just watch a few vids of him below? It will just takes you 2 mins each. NO LIE. I will tell you which ones are my favourite. To be honest, Chris is manly and sexy as a man and also be as good as a girl. Of course as I am a girl, I love the manly and sexy side of him. Keep going on because there are bonus at the end of this post.

Chris Crocker - Defeat Depression!

Chris Crocker - What is "normal"?

Chris Crocker - FAME! (I really love this one!!!)

Chris Crocker - AIDS

Chris Crocker - Jealous parents

Chris Crocker - 5 minutes stand!

Chris Crocker Music on Itunes (
I has the song below, keep moving on)

Chris Crocker - Love isn't about genitalia! (I feel kinda sad for him)

Chris Crocker - Top friends list

These are my FAVOURITE videos. Have a look!

Chris Crocker - "When men get horny" (Daryl is this true??? Nah just kidding LOL)

Chris Crocker is Damaged! (Damaged by Danity Kane, I love the way he loves himself)

Chris Crocker - F***k friends.

Chris Crocker - watch it (it freaks me out when a guy can do this better can a girl. I'm really jealous!!!!)

Chris Crocker - MORMONS, I WILL GET MARRIED! (I really love his eyes, they are so beautiful and sexy *drools*)


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Chris Crocker

Seriously, no offence to otaku or manga artists or anyone out there, but when I look at Chris Crocker, I think of all the handsome princes in all the manga series that I know. And it really turns me on, irresistibly.

Also, I love him because when I watch his video I have more strength to convince myself that nothing is impossible, that dreams can come true (nothing related to him, I'm talking about my dreams), that I am unique, special, that no one can really hurt me, that I can totally and completely believe in myself, that there's always a better world and all I have to do is to build it in me, that, you know what, life is beautiful. I remember one of my friend put this on his msn status message "You say 'Life is harsh', I say "Compare to what'".

As said above, this is Chris's new single - Mind in the gutter. The chorus is very catchy =)

While you listen to the song (give it a try will ya), this is my promised bonus!
Chris Crocker's old pics:

Do you like him now? Keep the answer to yourself, I don't need it *wink* =)

3 funny comment(s)

Horse Australia said... @ 21 January 2009 at 09:04

Hi Rita! Nice to meet ya last night... i can see know why you were asking about mr/ms crocker ;)

Rita Kim said... @ 21 January 2009 at 20:11

Hi Phil, could you please gimme your blog link??? =)

Phil said... @ 22 January 2009 at 14:07

Hey Rita!!

Well I have websites... not so much 'blogs'.. but my biggest site is (remember i was telling you about the horse racing?) http://www.horseraceaustralia.com/ & and it has a blog http://www.horseraceaustralia.com/category/australian-horse-racing-blog/

But im affraid i dont think you will find it very interesting ;P

Hope you are well, and i'll click one of your ads for you! :D

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