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Male sex drive is like a microwave - it ignites instantly and operates at full capacity within seconds, and can be turned off just as quickly when the meal is cooked. Women's sex drive is like an electric oven - it heats slowly to its top temperature and takes a lot longer to cool down.

The following graph shows the sex drives of average men and women throughout their lifetimes. It has not been adjusted to reflect the various periods in life where drives may be higher or lower based on environmental factors such as births, deaths, courtship, retirement, and so on. To demonstrate sex drive different we've simplified this graph to illustrate the differences.

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A man's testosterone level slowly decreases as he gets older and his sex drive decreases accordingly. The average woman's sex drive gradually increases so that her sexual peak is between the ages of 36-38, which explains the "toy boy" syndrome of the older woman/younger man. Younger men have the physical performance level an older woman craves. A man's sexual performance level at age 19 is more compatible with a woman in her late 30s to early 40s. You will also notice on the chart that the sex drive of a man in his 40s is compatible with a woman in her early 20s which partly explains the older man/younger woman combination. There is usually a 10 to 20 year age difference between these older/younger combinations.

When we say a man's sex drive peaks at age 19 and falls in later life, we are talking about his physical performance level. His interest in sex is usually high for most of his life, meaning that he can be just as interested at 70 as he was at 30 but his performance level is not as high.

A woman can be very interested in sex in her late teens (because of its relationship to love) but feel limited desire for sex. She can have the same interest in her 30s but at that time she also has a greater desire for it.

[Source: Why men don't listen and woman can't read maps by Allan + Barbara Pease]

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