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Hello everyone,

I'm so happy now. Guess what, I got my official SPM transcript last night (thanks! Peter ^^). Yea yea I know, I'm slow like a snail and bla bla bla... The reason why now only I bother to take it is becuz I didn't need it........... *silence*.......... Well okay, actually the main reason is becuz
I hate my results (hmm, old story
). Anyway, last Monday, my college asked for it. So I had to get it.

Before sending me those papers, Peter asked me :"Ei, later your mom see those nice scores, how?!!!". Hah! U ask me I ask who?? I answered him :" I will try to tahan her anger lor".

8pm last night, I received everything. Mom was sitting next to me, staring at my laptop screen. I was ready for the worst to come
. This is our conversation:

Mom: BM?
Daughter: Passed, 6C! >"<

Mom: English?

Daughter: 1A!
Mom: Maths?
Daughter: 1A!

Mom: Add Maths?
Daughter: 1A!

Mom:......... Hmm, good, forward those to your college!!!
Daughter: Err, I failed 1 subject!!! *trying to confess* (I could hear my heartbeats)
Mom: What?
Daughter: Sejarah...

Mom: But you passed BM right?
Daughter: Yes
Mom: Then it's okay
Daughter: ................................ O_O

(Well I wondered what she was reading...)

HOLY BROCCOLI !!! I mean WTFFF!!! Hello? I thought she was a Chemistry freak?!?!? No Chemistry? No Physics? No EST? But most of all, she said it's okay to fail Sejarah? The only subject that I failed and never felt ashamed of myself ?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!! I was so lucky!!! Last night was a wonderful night. I spent my night watching an epic movie, laughing my head off, eating durian, smsing Daryl and doing my nails. Oohlala, lalalala
... I never thought it could be this easy....

Now I gotta go play Boom while all of my Vietnamese friends are having A-level exam, muahahahaha
!!! The exam lasts 3 days. Today is the first day, God bless them!!!

I love you all, MUACKZZZ!!!

Signed: The ever lovely and beautiful and talented and intelligent and g0rgeous and crazy and wiLd and s3xy and naughty and v0luptu0us and pr0miscu0us and uniqu3... and hungry Rita (hahaha WTF)

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