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Miow miow, Kitty Rita in the house (wtf lolx)

HOI EVERYONE!!! ("Hello" in Dutch ^^)
How are y'all??? Y'all should be fine, esp on 29th June cuz y'all will be able to meet and chat with super global star Rita (can take photos and ask for my autograph as well, ooh la la ^^). Yup I do mean EVERYONE! Can't miss that chance right? Who wanna join? Who wanna join? C'mon, lalalala. Rox on!!!

Oooh I can't wait to see y'all. *Beatboxing* Kakakaka... (Nah! bullsh*t, I can't beatbox :p)

Anyway, if u wanna see me, contact me on MSN messenger, my ID is xi_ta2504@hotmail.com *wink*

For those who are my good/close friends, WAIT FOR MY CALL!!! The latest will be at 12 am on 27th June ^^

Couting down, counting down... Ding ding dong dong =]

(Pay attention to the countdown clock up there!!!)

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