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They are Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jivoux (dunno who the hell Mandy is!!!). I like 3 of them (no Mandy of course). Actually I could expect some cat fights among them. Guess I was correct...

Lemme tell you the story. My sister is now in VietNam and she is enjoying torturing her 18 yr old sister who-you-know-who X'(. At first, she was very quiet and she looked really mature and that made me so proud of her. And yes, she is CUTE!!! Face like cha xiu bao!!! ^^... But then I found it's really difficult talking to her, NOT because of the language. My Cantonese is not very good but somehow we manage to understand each other easily (Don't ask me how). But the problem is, it seems like my daddy never scolds her/too busy to scold her, she tends to do everything she wants no matter how dangerous it is, how worried her sister is and how angry her mom feels. Sometimes, eventhough she understands what I say but she pretends that she doesn't understand by asking me question like "meh ahh?", "ni gong med ye ahh??". And then when I try to explain, she laughs and says "Ngo chi dou" but she keeps doing the very same thing. Until I really show that I'm pissed off and walk away, she stops. Guess what she does next?!? She walks into my room, slams the door, shouts something in Cantonese, throws my stuffs eveywhere, steps on my table etc etc etc. I leave her there for a while because I'm tired. But not for long, since it's my room, I need to enter to take some stuffs/change undies/sleep/watch TV/listen to music/arrange some papers for my part time job and etc, I see what she does and I just wanna shout out loud, but I don't. Because I know I will be the loser anyway. Besides, I don't wanna fight with a kid. Thanks to my part time job!!!

Anyone knows how to deal with your sister in peace? I really need help, I also need my lou gong to hug me (plz bonus a French kiss). So tired, haizzz!!! Oh sorry, off topic, I'm actually trying to talk about the Disney drama.... So this afternoon, after trying to ignore my sis when she's shouting, I surf the net and watched some youtube vids, I found this vid about 4 of 'em (Selena, Demi, Miley and dunno-who-the-hell-Mandy-is). I used to like Miley very much because she's fun, her voice is cool and she acts very well in Hannah Montana. I also like Selena because she's a sweet girl with sweet personalities (just like me ^^), Demi is cute in Camp rock, and Mandy, never mind!

Okay, so the real story is like this. Selena and Demi have a youtube account and so do Miley and her-best-friend-who-I-don't-know-who-the-hell-she-is, Mandy. Apparently, Miley doesn't like Selena because some mags say Selena would be the next Miley!!! (What a stupid thing to say!!!! Selena is unique, OKAY?!?). Furthermore, there's this rumour that Selena is dating with Nick Jonas (the cute guy in Jonas brothers band who Miley said on a famous talk show that he loved her but she didn't love him, what the hell?!?). In fact, Selena and Nick told their fans that they were not dating at all. Okay, so Selena and Demi uploaded their vid first, just a normal vid. Miley and her Mandy-who-I-still-don't-know-who-and-I-hate-her-because-she-is-a-slut made another vid to imitate the 2 girls in a mean way. Miley made fun of Selena's shirt and kept on laughing at Demi's tooth gap (now no more of course). I won't judge anything, let just watch and comment it yourself. After watching, I still like Miley, I don't know, but maybe not like before. I will watch her!!! Go Selena!!! ^^

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