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Yay yay!!! Finally, my sis is going to go back to Viet Nam to visit me and mom!!!

She must be darn tall now, and pretty, and smart, and fabulous (just like her sister) XD!!!

Oh. My. God, I can't wait to see her, to hug her, to squeeze her, to kiss her, to smell her hair, to play with her fat tummy and chubby face, to hear her call me "ga jie", to poke her, to annoy her, to fight on bed with her, to read fashion magazine with her, to compete in eating with her, to make her scream, to tease her, to do the hair for her (she loves this one ^^), to spend my money on her (T__T~), to teach/play Choi Dai D with her, to tell her about my bf and listen to her story in class, etc... We're gonna have so many things to do!!!!

I'm so proud of her!!! Don't simply mess with her, she will kick ur a**, she has a pair of long legs (future super model/ miss world XD)...


4 days left....

25th July!!!! (lucky number 25)

*jumping around*

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