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How much have you known about me? You might be surprised =="

Tagged by Hung Viet Nguyen.

1. I am a Maths freak!!! (That means I love Maths and I am good at Maths)

2. I love watching horror movies!!!

3. By saying horror movies, I mean those movies that have ghosts/zombies/scary creatures, not the dumb and disgusting murderers type.

4. But I always end up watching only half of a horror movie if nobody watches with me =="

5. I also love watching cartoons, comedy and romantic movies. I can watch these types of movies alone (preferably with family members, friends, etc. though, so that I can laugh with them) and I watch them during weekends =)

6. I used to hate Accounting >"< (Amisha, Tariq and Jessica will be sooo surprised when they read this ==")

7. I have watched xxx
8. I love eating broccoli. I cook and eat broccoli almost everyday

9. I do not like receiving flowers on special dates, eg. Valentine's

10. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't send me flowers. Once in a while is great for a relationship

11. However, I repeat, instead of giving me a big bunch of roses on Valentine's, bring me out for dinner. I will love you more!!! *hint* I love mushroom soup!!!!

12. As you have just realised, I am very confusing =="

13. But I always hope and assume that my beloved friends and people around me know me very well.

14. I wanna earn lots and lots of money so that my mom and dad will stop worrying about earning money to support me and my sister!!!

15. I believe I am a good girl

16. I love myself very much!!!!

17. I sometimes say bad things about myself (eg. I'm fat, I'm dumb, I'm ugly, etc.) but you shouldn't agree with me, unless you wanna be in my "People that I should avoid" list =="

18. I repeat, I am very confusing...

19. I admit I'm very scared of how close I am to

20. I prefer cold weather to hot weather

21. I hate being alone in the darkness because my mind will start imagining scary things and my ears will hear things that I shouldn't hear =="

22. My boyfriend is very irresistible to me. I am his big fan!!!

23. I really love Dogs and Guinea Pigs!!!!

24. I seriously HATE reptiles, except for turtles. I especially f*cking hate Crocodiles, dunno why God created such a useless and dumb and disgusting and awful (etc.) creature!!! Arrrgghhhh....

25. I can answer any questions from anyone. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with this list and you want to know more things about me, or you have questions to ask me, go ahead and do it!!! =)

P/S: Oh yes, I wanna tag these people:
1) Daryl
2) Joshua
3) Wei Li
4) Kazaf
5) Eng Aun
6) Jason
7) Chin Meng
8) Siew Por
9) Jia Min
10) YOU!!!!! (Don't try to hide, I know who YOU are!!!!!)

And also don't say you don't have a blog if you have a Facebook account... Make a new note and do this post. If you have a blog, do this and call me when you finish!!!

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