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Day .... month .... year ....,
Christmas is coming. I am so satisfied and excited. I will have lots of shopping work to do because I enjoy decorating my house, especially before X'mas and New Year. By the way, my hubbie is soooo sweet. Today he came home with a gift for me. He rarely buys me present so I was very surprised. I feel loved and I love him sooo much. I love Christmas =)

Day .... month .... year ....,
Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve. I'm gonna finish decorating my lovely house soon. Just a few more things to do. My hubbie gave me another surprise today. He came home with a big bunch of roses, he has never done that since we married. That is really sweet of him. How could I never realised the romantic side of my husband before?
(same day, continue)
I sense something is not right. As soon as I told him I want to send the kids to my mom's house and enjoy a great X'mas night with him, he looked afraid. I asked him if something was wrong, and yes indeed, something was wrong. "There is an important meeting tomorrow night and the client is a busy man. He will stay for only one night and then fly back to his country the next morning. I have to attend it. I'm sorry honey" - he said.

Meeting! Meeting! Meeting! Always meeting! *sigh* Anyway, since I couldn't do anything to help the situation. I told him: "Well then I and the kids will stay with my mom tomorrow night. After the meeting, come and fetch us ya". He smiled and said: "Of course, I will come immediately after the meeting". And I said: "As long as it's not after midnight", but I still feel not right. I am not really paranoid, that's the fact. But this feeling is really annoying me. Really really annoying to me.
(same night)
There are many lies going on in this house. They all come from me! I told my mom that I wanted to send the kids to her house so that I can go to church with my husband on the Christmas Eve. I told my husband that I and and my kids would stay with my mom and wait for him to fetch us. I know what I am doing. This is so weird. But that's what it should be. That's the only thing can make me feel better.

Day .... month .... year ....,
I am gonna be very busy. I just knew that. My husband is going to leave the house very soon. He seems very eager. I guess it must be a big contract. Anyway, I sent the kids to my mom's house early this afternoon and came back to "take a few stuffs". Actually I came back just to see him. Oh now he's ready to leave.
(Christmas Eve)
So he said bye to me and left. As soon as he drove away, I jumped in my car and started to follow him. I know this is not right. Shame on me. But I had no choice. A woman's 6th sense doesn't allow me to let this go easily. So I followed him to the city center. It's so crowded tonight. I parked my car and still walked behind him. I was wearing a Santa Claus suit. It was so funny that I bought that suit to make our X'mas Eve a memorable night and a few days later I had to use it to stalk my husband.

He crossed the road and stood there, took out his phone and called someone, maybe his colleague. My heart almost stopped beating everytime he looked at where I was standing. But I guess he couldn't recognise me. Suddenly he looked amazingly happy and started waving his hand. I turned my head to see and almost collasped when I saw a young and beautiful girl ran toward him and hugged him. They talked happily and started walking together. People kept walking pass me, some even hit me and laughters were everywhere. I just stared at two of them from a distance away. My legs were shaking and I couldn't even breath although it was not really cold at that time. Finally, my legs started moving. I just continued following them. Every step I took, I felt like someone was stabbing me, stabbing my little heart.

They looked just like a couple on the streets. He bought her flowers. They had a lovely and romantic dinner in a restaurant that we have never been to before. They went to the cinema. I kept following them. In the end, as I expected, he took her to a hotel not in the city. The manager smiled and welcomed them happily. It seemed like my husband and that girl are long time customers there. I just stood there, outside of the hotel, under the big X'mas tree, looking at them as they started walking upstairs, hands in hands. I looked at the building. There were a few rooms that had lights on. I asked myself: "How many men have told their wives that they need to attend an important meeting and ended up entering this hotel with other girls?".

I just wanted to rush in, shout my heart out, slap the bitch, scratch the face of the man that I have been staying with for years. I just wanted to let the world know what a liar and unfaithful man he is. But I was just standing there. I took my phone out and read through my number list. I started sending sms wishing merry X'mas to numbers that I didn't even realise who they belong to, except for my husband's number. I received many replies too, but I read without having a single thought. Suddenly I received a phone call. It was my mom. She asked me when I and my husband would come to fetch the kids. I lied to her, I said it was too crowded and we might come back a little late. I looked at the room windows on the hotel building again. Which one had my husband in it???

It was almost 11pm. I was still standing outside, waiting patiently. I decided to send a message to my husband. I typed: "When will the meeting finish? If you have already finished, I have been waiting outside, under the X'mas tree". A few minutes later, I saw him walking out of the hotel, he didn't dare to look at me and I just kept quiet, waited for him and walked away together silently.


All I can remember is I fainted after a few minutes seeing him walking out of that hotel. Now I'm lying here on a hospital bed. I opened my eyes, seeing him holding my hand and pressed it against his tearful face. He said sorry to me, lots of times. He kept repeating it continuously. I told him, softly: "As long as it's not after midnight", just like what I told him yesterday. Tears started falling down on his face. I turned around, faced the other side of the room. I didn't want to see a man crying.

This Christmas was too cold for me, for both of us. I heart has frozen because of what I witnessed and I know my husband has a life to fix it.

-translated by Rita, story taken from a Vietnamese site-

P/S: I cried after reading this. A woman's forgiving heart is always a lovely and precious asset in a family. Not many of us women can calmly behave when the husband cheats on us. I can't guarantee how I will be, hopefully as good as possible. But I hope men understand how faithfulness is important to us and to our families.

Remember, any man has chances to cheat on his wife/girl, no matter how poor, how short, how fat, how smelly, how dirty, how ugly, how stupid, etc. he is. My question here is: "Your dick is up for the challenge, how about you?". "Control" is the Golden Keyword!!!

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