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What is life all about???

Earning lotsa money???

Marrying the right person???

Living a happy life???

Having lotsa friends???

Or what?

Sorry people, I actually don't really know how I am feeling. I've just watched a movie and I think I have been carried away.

There are people that I don't think I like them but I have to face them and communicate with them. There are also people with whom I want to make friends but I can't find any good chance to get close to them or vice versa.

There are things I want to do, I would love to do, I long to do but it seems like fate doesn't lead the way for me. There are also things I don't want to do but I'm led and pushed and told to do.

Who will I be is up to me, but somehow this doesn't sound right at the moment. Maybe my time has not come yet. Or maybe I would be stuck like this forever.

Don't worry. I'm absolutely fine.

Oh mother-eff

I keep trying, keep smiling, keep standing tough, keep being positive...


It's just that, when will my life be right?


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