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A woman's hypothalamus is much smaller than a man's and she only has small amounts of testosterone to activate it. This is why women, overall, have significantly lower sex drive than men and are less aggressive. So why didn't nature create women as a raving nymphomaniac to ensure continuation of the species?

The answer is in the long period of time it takes to conceive and to raise a child to self-sufficiency.

In species such as rabbits, for example, the gestation period is only six weeks and the newborn bunnies are capable of feeding themselves, running and hiding within two weeks. There is no need for father rabbit to be there to defend or feed them. A new born elephant or fallow deer is able to run with the herd shortly after they are born. Even our closet cousin, the chimpanzee, will survive if orphaned after six months.

For a significant part of the nine-month human pregnancy period, most women are physically restricted and it takes at least five years before a human can feed and defend itself. For this reason, women closely analyze a potential father's traits such as his ability to provide food and shelter and fight off enemies.

Some men think that parenting
ends with conception.

A woman's brain is programmed to find a man who will make a commitment to being around long enough to rear her children. This is reflected in what woman look for in a long-term partner.

[Source: Why men don't listen and woman can't read maps by Allan + Barbara Pease]

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