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Men's enthusiastic and impulsive sex drive has a clear purpose - to ensure that the human species continues. Like most male mammals, he had to evolve with several elements for its success.

Firstly, his sex drive had to be intensely focused and not easily distracted. This would allow him to have sex under almost any conditions, such as in the presence of potential threatening enemies, or in any place where a sexual opportunity presented itself.

A man needed to be able to ejaculate as often as possible in the shortest space of time to avoid being caught by predators or enemies.

He also needed to spread his seed as far as afield and as often as possible. The Kinsey Institute in the US, world leaders in human sex research, reported that, without society's social rules, they believe nearly all men would be promiscuous, as 80% of all human societies have been for most of human existence.

Since the arrival of the age of monogamy, however, men's biological urge has caused constant mayhem for couples trying to build a relationship and is the number one cause of modern relationship problems.

[Source: Why men don't listen and woman can't read maps by Allan + Barbara Pease]

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