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"YOU" here is not my boyfriend. This entry post is not about my boyfriend. It is about a friend, a guy, a person with whom I started talking end of last year and I found out he was not like what I had thought about him. And I like him as a friend, he's like other friends of mine, a close friend, who I can share any stories and show my craziness... He's not the most important person to me, he's just important, somehow...

People keep changing from time to time. Situations change people. As you all can see, everyone is now in college, gaining knowledge and having fun and all. I'm a step behind (or maybe 10^n times steps behind). Today I realised that for a long time, I've been acting like a dumb girl. I was too free and I needed friends so desperately that I just wanted to talk to everyone, everywhere. I tried to join almost every discussion, just to have someone to talk to. But no, I was abandoned, at least that's how I feel. And it hurts, it hurts me so bad. It hurts to realise that friends are not like before, to know that sometimes I have to accept the fact that I am being ignored, to get used to the cold feeling when no one wants to listen to me. Why? Because I'm not as smart as you guys!!!

If I can come back to KL just before X-mas this year, if I get to see him again, how will I feel? Will there be this space between a smart guy and a dumb girl? Will we have anything to talk about? Will I understand what he says? Will he bothers to hear my stories? Will I feel abandoned again? Will I? Will he? Will we?

Maybe I am thinking too much! Maybe he is still the same, he is still a friend of mine! Maybe I am the one who changed, not him! Maybe, who knows...

A lady told me :"All males are weird". I totally agree. They are weird! Very very weird!

You're right, my dear friend! I will never understand...

29th August 2008

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