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Once you have read this line, there's no way back. You have to continue reading or else you will be unlucky for life!!! (OMG, I'm so mean!!!) ~T___T~

First of all, I wanna tag:

_ Joshua Lau (Teddy)

_ Chin Meng

_ John Khoo

_ Daryl honey

_ Siew Por

_ Jaclyn

_ and the dumb dumb person who is reading this entry post, hehehehe!!!

Please remember that I was not the one who created this tag okay??? =___=

1. Would you rather be poor but happy, or rich but sad? - Poor but happy, and work hard, one day I will become rich :)

2. If you’re stranded on an island with your best friend and there’s nothing to eat, would you rather eat your best friend or let him/her eat you? - Let him/her eat me T___T. But I doubt if he/she could do it....

3. If you had the choice, would you rather be good-looking but stupid, or smart but ugly like hell? - So difficult.. Hmm, got it... Good-looking but stupid!!! Because I will earn lotsa money from being a super model, get a rich boyfriend who only cares about my face and my body.. Then I will use the money to gain knowledge.. That sounds like I'm not stupid at all.. Hmm, why can't I be smart and good-looking???? This tag is so unfair >"<

4. If both your best friend and your boyfriend/girlfriend are drowning at the same time, and you can only save one person (and you cannot throw yourself in to drown with them), who will you save? - I can only save one person??? Bullshit!!! You're looking down on me.. I will save BOTH!!! So?? What can you do? What are you gonna do to me? Huh? Huh? Huh?

5. Would you rather eat 5cm3 of shit or drink 1 litre of urine? - Yuck!!! I would mix them together and throw it at you if you keep asking me disgusting questions like this one!!! >"<

6. If both your best friend and your mother are drowning at the same time, and you can only save one person (and you cannot throw yourself in to drown with them), who will you save? - Again, I will save BOTH!!! ~~ XD

7. Would you rather be gang-raped or be raped once but have cucumbers/pencils/scissors stuffed up your vagina? - Ouch!!! I would use my pepper spray and escape!!! Keep my virginity for someone else!!!!

8. If you are forced to shoot either of your parents, would you rather shoot your mother or your father? (and you cannot shoot yourself) - I would shoot .... YOU!!! X'(

9. Would you rather get raped or have your boyfriend/girlfriend cheat on you with your best friend? - Pfffttt, at first I thought the question was :"Would you rather get raped by your boyfriend..." O_O, scared me!!! ... I would rather have my bf cheat on me because a cheater isn't worth being loved by me. I love my life. I believe many girls will do the same thing.. Anyway, this is a joke right? I trust my boyfriend laaaaa.. =___=

10. Would you rather have a boyfriend/girlfriend with the biggest heart but no brains, or a boyfriend/girlfriend with the biggest brains but no heart? - Biggest heart with no brains, because he will be good to me and I can teach him. Biggest brains with no heart would be too dangerous.. Stay away from that kind of person!!!

11. Would you rather marry someone 5 years younger or someone 20 years older than you? - Why would I wanna marry a kid and an uncle when I already have an ideal boyfriend who is 1 year younger than me??? Duh - uhhhh...

12. Would you rather live a short life but die very peacefully, or live a long life but die a very horrible and painful death? - Short life but die very peacefully.

@Daryl (if you're reading this): =___= Ok ok, I'm gonna find wood now *touch touch touch* T___T~

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