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IMPORTANT: Rita is coming baaaaaaaack!!!

Hey, how are you, mates? OMG I sound soo much like Aussie people, LOL!

Okie, first of all, I have a good/bad/not good not bad/not-a-big-deal news (depends on who you are and how our relationship is), I am coming to KL for X'mas and New Year!!!! Isn't that great??? LOL, I know, I know, it's so great right??? Hahahahaha!!!! --> =__="

So, I will be in KL on the 24th Dec and I'll leave KL on the 6th Jan. This time I'm not gonna stay in a hotel. Therefore, I won’t be able to drag anyone (especially boyfriend) into my room as there’s nowhere else more private than a hotel room, and also I won't have to pay a super big amount of $$$ on it. I will stay in a friend's house, a male one.... *Ouuuuhhhh* (Note: I will provide half of the hotel price to him, still thats a lot cheaper XD)

Secondly, this is your favourite part, the only thing that you expect from me (or whoever that come back from other countries) is souvernirs.. (Ya laaah, why the heck am I crapping about all the craps above instead of going straight to this point, haizzzz).. Don't worry, I still remember it, LOL.. But I have no idea what to give =___=". I would be very thankful if you tell me what you want, haha. Let's see how SHAMELESS you are!!!! XD

I do make a list though, please refer to it:

1. A shirt with something about Australia on it. You tell me your size, I pick the colour that suits your gender. This costs approx. 10 - 15 bucks a shirt (thats like 25 - 38 ringgit), if I'm not mistaken =__="

2. A boomerang. I dunno what you want it for, and why am I suggesting it, so no question about these allowed. But hey, Australia is the only place (likely so) you can get a boomerang right.. LOL.. And also don't expect a big one, cuz suddenly I become very stingy while I'm typing this =__="

3. Koala bears / kangaroos.

4. A mug! (Of course must have something about Australia on it)

5. A 1 dollar coin!!! (please choose this one, cuz it's the cheapest one here, nyehehe)

6. Chocolate, simple as that!!! (This one is also for friends who don't know/visit my blog)

Ok I run out of ideas, if you want something else, which costs below 10 bucks, let me know ^^


Okay you can stop reading my blog now because your favourite part has ended.

Now I'm gonna continue crapping about my life in Aussie. For stalkers *grin*, it's gonna be short because I wanna take bath now, LOL!!!

Overall, Maths is the MOST TIRING subject at school, but the EASIEST when I go for tests/exams/assessments. Other subjects like Business Management, Economics are relaxing in class but darn difficult when tests come. Accoutings is sweet (what a weird way to describe a subject, but to me, it is really sweet!!! ^^) , easy to get a high mark. However I havent got any full mark for Accouting, what la meee, so lame!!! English is so-so, not too difficult and not that easy!!! In the end, my favourite subjects are Maths (still) and Accouting!!! I'm not saying that I hate the others!! I love them too =)

I've been through 2 Maths test, the latest one was taken today =__=", 1 Accouting test and 1 English test.

The results are:

Maths - 1st test: 19.5/20 (98%).. F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck!!! Just because of a darn small mistake!!!

Accouting - 1st and only test till the end of the semester: 44.5/45 (99%)... Arrrggghhhh!!!! Theory question, misunderstood it!!! Yor Olloh (Ya Allah), wei shen me????

I'm soooooooo not satisfied... Who can be satisfied??? Grrr....

I'd better stop, don't wanna break my heart, later got heartache then suddenly die plak!!!

Oh yea, I just remember, I was sick last week. So I went to see the doctor, and they charged me 60 bucks (thats RM 150) for talking to the doctor for just 5 minutes. SHIT!!! Darn mahal right, right??? X"( And then the doctor suggested me to take a blood test because my blood pressure is darn low --> only 60, and also if there's something with my blood, appropriate actions will be taken =__=". I asked him: "Do I have to pay anything for it?". He said: "NO!!!".

But today, when I got home from school, I received an Invoice, for those who study Account you will know that when we get an Invoice from someone, it means we owe that person an amount of money... The Invoice is from Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology, where I took my blood test, and it stated that my amount due is $136.25!!!! See that??? It's ONE HUNDRED THIRTY SIX DOLLARS AND TWENTY FIVE CENTS!!!!! (And that's 340.625 ringgit!!! I really should stop converting the currency or I will really get a heart attack!!!) I mean WTF!!! I just went there and spent approx 01.0 minute watching my blood being sucked out from my arms and now I have to pay that crazy amount!!! I don't even understand what they write in the Invoice.. It's all abbreviation!! Wtf is CHOL, URAT, TSH, RCC MCV WCC PLT...?????? O_O"

Yor Olloh, dim gai?????

Huhuhuhuhu~~ T_____T~

Ok, time for bath!!! Shit, in Brisbane, water is under restriction, CAN'T take bath/shower for longer than 4 minutes!!! Wtf is this la maan.. How am I supposed to enjoy now??? T______T~


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Lady Metal said... @ 3 November 2008 at 03:36

Hey! Could you please tell me the song's name (the one that you have playing on your blog?) Thanks!!!

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