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Hi guys, I just got home from the cinema.. My first movie in Aussie is "Burn After Reading". It's so darn funny, especially when my handsome Brad Pitt is in it. OMG!!! He rocks, okay? YOU MUST WATCH!!!! XD

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Basically, this movie is about normal people, and from their own personal problems, it leads to major problems which are amazingly lame but amazingly funny, wtf LOL!!! It is also about relationships, oh God, husbands cheat on wives, wives cheat on husbands, bla bla bla.. Again, YOU MUST WATCH!!! =)

Another point is, they don't censor anything, AT ALL!!! You will see the characters keep spitting out bad words from their mouths, for eg. :"What the F*CK are you talking about?", "my F*CKING life", F*CK this, F*CK that, F*CK everything, hahahaha *laugh until cry*... They don't even censor "sensitive" scene, for eg. making love... Not in a horny way like porn, but in a funny way XD ...

A little thing which also makes watching movies in Aussie is way better than watching in VN or M'sia is there is no subtitles. Man, I love it when the screen has no words on it, it's just the movie.. Ahhhhh.. Love it, love it ^^

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..the poster..

After this, I will go watch more movies for sure, I just love it so much...
One of my favourite parts in the movie:
_"After this we just learn not to do it again... But I have no f*cking idea what we did!!!!"

Good night, everybody, muaxx muaxx

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