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For those who know what is going on in my love life, I'm much better now, I'm 95% over him =) (which is a lie)...

My college life has been going on very well so far. I'm really enjoying it. I don't know why my friends keep complaining about it, but to me, it's great. I have great friends, great teachers, great lessons. I'm doing what I find very interesting. I'm having 5 courses: Academic English, Maths (these 2 are compulsory), Business Management (very fun because the teacher keeps talking about boys & girls relationship and mind-reading and strategies and many useful information), Accouting (completely different from Pn. Maznah, Ms. Leslie is a sweet candy, her lessons are so easy to understand and it makes accouting become so interesting too), last but not least Economics (although at first I was quite blur because I'm not used to Ms. Kathy's accent - slow and stable, makes me wanna sleep - but after that I find out this subject is great too, my new habbit is reading newspaper to learn about the global economic. Economic is the "social science of making choices")

I have many friends in my Foundation Year. They come from everywhere in the world. Most of the students here come from HongKong. At first it was difficult for me to join them because they just speak their own language, do their own things, play with their own people. But now I'm quite close to them, thanks to my friendliness and my fun personality. I have other friends who are not from HongKong as well. They are from: Belgium, Brazil, Venezuela, Dubai, Bahrain, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Russia, Korea, Japan, South Africa and some are Australian. All of them are really friendly and wonderful. I feel so blessed =)

Although I'm quite free now (my rice is so cool already because I'm typing this post and not eating it), but I'm not in the mood for posting pictures. Maybe next time =)

I hope you all also have fun like me.
Whatever happens, I am me.

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