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The tattoo I got durin Business Management class =="

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And this is Igor, he drew the tatoo on me =="

Can't believe my 9 week semester will end soon.. O_O"
Time really flies when I have fun...

Although Economic is a problem to me now (small problem though), but I still love it, I'm still into it like mad and wanna find out the answers to all of my crazy question =="

Business Management, is not a problem because it's a logical thang when it comes to this subject. However, I don't really understand all the matrix and strategies and all the cashcows or dog sh!t.. Really confusing man, haizzzzz T____T

Accouting, again, my sweet sweet honey =).. I can't believe I used to hate it, maybe the Melayu version really scared the shit outta me, or izzit because of "her"??? Hehehehe, those who studied account with me at SSG will know who "her" is, am I right Joshua Lau Wai Kit???? ^o^

Academic English is not really difficult, but I gotta do lotsa reading work... When I say "lotsa", I mean "Hell, that is like f*cking lots and lots and lots of reading work which really makes me read till my eyes pop out of my eyes' holes ==" ..
I have vocabulary problem, very serious problem!!!! Aiyaaa if you read my blog you also know that I use such simple words that can't be any simpler... Can you find any word that you don't understand its meaning in my blog's entries (except for my name and any other words that aint written in English)??? Can you?? I doubt it.. Or you must be drunk, or just accidentally hit your head on somewhere, or whatever incident happens to you laaa... Haizzz, so teruk =(

Maths, as usual, no problem at all.. I purposely write Maths at the end of the list because this bloody subject really makes me angry like .... like.... ARRRRGGHHHHHH!!!!! Hope you understand how angry I am when I say "ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH"!!!!! I always make stupid mistakes, small mistakes, very tiny and small and cute cute (SO NOT!!!) mistakes ==" .. And also there's one incident happened to me that really made my blood boiled.. Seriously I could hear the sound of bubbles in my head, wtf!!!
It was my 2nd test, I lost my bloody 2 marks because my method was not the same as the method taught in class.. But my method was not wrong, the answer was perfect, everything was fine.. It's just that ---> DIFFERENT method... And hell, the question didn't even say which method I should use!!!! I was like WTFFFFF...
This is MY VERY OWN thinking about Maths created when I was very young: "Maths is not about copying ways of solving, it's about solving the question!!!"... And now my total marks is 93% - grade 7 ( ~ A1).. I know grade 7 is the highest, but I am so not happy.. I'm sooo unsatisfied.. I want 100% (who doesn't) ==" .. Pls don't think that I'm a fussy girl, I'm just like that when it comes to my favourite subjects... Yor Olloh... T___T~

So anyway, this is my schedule (stalkers will be darn happy to know my schedule so that they can manage their own schedules to stalk me -.-"):
Next week: SWOT VAC week.. the last week before exam.. time to ask questions, normally I will suddenly become dumb-dumb and start asking ridiculous questions that shouldn't be asked.. Attendance aint neccessary..
The week after next week ---> EXAMS!!!
_ Monday: Business Mangement (9am - 1pm)
_ Tuesday: Economic (9 am - 1 pm) and Academic English (1.30 pm - 5.30 pm) ---> kill me laaa WTF is this =="
_ Wednesday: Accounting (9am - 1pm)
_ Thursday: Maths (1.30pm - 5.30 pm)
_ Friday: NO EXAM!!! I'm freeeeeeee.... Yay~

And then it's time to buy a new phone and NDSLite, nyehehehehehe, hohohohoho!!! Well yea I know I'm so old-fashioned ==". While most of the guys in my class will purchase a PS2 la, PS3 la, even Wii la, Xbox laa.. But I will only buy a NDS.. I just dont like PS thingy.. ==" But Wii or Xbox or anything else besides PS, I will think about it after I graduate from Uni, get a house, a BMW/Merc car, build a huge room size wardrobe for dresses, skirts, even sexy undies that I always see whenever I pass by The Sexy Kitten shop in the city, all types of shoes, even flip-flops, hair bands, hair clips, accessories, bla bla bla..
Or maybe I will just marry someone who already buy those games so that I can share it will him, hahaha lalalalala~.. I'm so smart, wtf =D
I also wanna buy Sony Ericsson C905, 8.1 mega pixels xD.. If you have any options better than S.E C905, pls pls pls tell me.. I really need a phone-geek here, NOW!!!!

Hmm~ what else I wanna say ahh... Oh ya, the bitchy landlord is still troubling me.. Last week, he came just to wash the rubbish bin.. He's darn stupid, he never washed the rubbish bin before, and also it's not his rubbish bin, why would he wanna wash it??? O_O".. Well, people really go crazy if they wanna meet their targets =="..
This week he wanna come to clean up the garden.. From all I've heard about him, the garden is never clean and tidy after he finishes, well, say, "cleaning up".. He may just wanna walk around the house, just wanna check if I bring any boys home, if no boys home then he may enter and chat, f*ck him la, I won't let that happen!!! Also, it's summer now, it's getting hot, ladies in this house always wear pijama(s) walking around in the kitchen, living room, etc... He sometimes even come at night time just to pick up the leaves in the garden (FUCK YOU SON OF A *****), maybe he just wanna see us in pijama(s)..
To remind you, he's almost 30, I guess he's darn desperate to get a wife.. Everyone says so to me.. And he's an amazingly darn stubborn stalker.. He never gives up or something.. Too optimistic perhaps??? I would say he's insane!!! I even argued and shouted on the phone with him once, because of the sudden visitings he made lately (after the others in this house did that to him).. But he's still the same... What kind of person is that laa... He really makes me sick, makes me wanna vomit, makes me wanna give him a hard punch on his "ewww" face, makes me wanna slap him continuously!!! ARRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

* * * * * *
Suddenly I start missing someone
Suddenly I realise I'm changing
Suddenly I want to sms less
Suddenly I don't wanna make any calls
Suddenly I feel peaceful
It's just suddenly like that
To know we still got each other
Because if I can't change someone, then I gotta change myself
But hey!!!That's kinda unfair for me
* * * * * *

Time for Glass Mask now, I'm watching the anime version of one of my childhood favourite manga.. You see, I have exams coming soon, but I'm still sitting here and watch Glass Mask =="

Okay, gotta go!!!

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

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