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The only reason why I took a pic with this poster is because Igor is a guy's name in my class =="

I'm officially standing on Lala Land now!!! I keep dreaming about going to a cool school like East High in HSM3, having a cool boyfriend like Edward Cullen in Twilight and I can dance like Alex in Madagascar 2 (wtf!!!).. Among those, I do know what I want the most!!!! That is a cool boyfriend like Edward Cullen!!! *dreaming with heart shaped eyes*

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Babe Edward, can I kiss you??? T___T~

I mean, darn, he's so cool.. He carries Bella and runs with the speed of light.. He is sooooo protective, caring, sweet, strong, irresistible, sexy, responsible, etc, etc and etc. Unfortunately, a vampire bf like him doesn't exist *burst to tears*. And he looks hot!!! Urgghh well I have to be down to earth... And he also... ah stop crapping.. he's just a normal boy in real life *heart broken* T_____T~

Haizzzz... Now I realise how boring life is =="

I used to go wild because of Harry Porter and Hogarth (his school). I used to dream I had a wand and I could cast spells on people. I used to ... But I got over it long long time ago. I left my Lala Land long long time ago.. And now I come back!!! Wonder if I can leave my Lala Land again???!!!! =="

What do you think????

I think NO!!! Because lately I found a manga website in Vietnamese language.. Man, it has almost everything, old manga, new manga.. Like I said, ALMOST EVERYTHING!!! And I found this manga which I read when I was 12 but haven't finished it yet because teachers in my secondary school banned it because it's for 15+ year old teenagers!!! Argghhh... But now I am 18+, who can stop me??? Who??? NO ONE!!! (My mom is not here, nyehehehehe xD)... Btw, the name of that manga is Red River (in English), Sora wa Akai Kawa no HotoriL (in Jap), also known as Anatolia Story.. I also checked it out on http://www.onemanga.com/ and guess what I found before actually reading it, this was what I found, lol:

"This series may contain strong language, excessive violence, nudity and/or lots of blood and gore. Parental guidance is advised.

OneManga takes the protection of our younger readers seriously. If you are concerned about content that is shown on the site, please use the
contact us form to let us know."

You can check it out yourself if you don't believe me =)

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The Japanese version's cover

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

The VNese version's cover

So anyway, last night I started all over again with book 1 on the Vietnamese site (http://comic.vuilen.com/). And to tell you all the fact, the Vietnamese site is way cooler than the English sites because it loads much faster. It will make you feel like you are reading a book because you don't have to wait for the page to load. It just flips over =). English sites suxxxxx... Well again, go and check if you don't believe me. Just simply choose a manga and see the real deal =)

Now I almost finish reading Red River... The prince is sooo handsome.. Why is every prince in shoujo manga always handsome T___T~ ???? I also just finished watching Glass Mask a few days ago, that's the result of staying awake at nights these days... I'm thinking of what to read next..

Oh btw, only 3 days left!!! I'm gonna throw kisses, hugs, laughters, bla bla, in the air soon!!! And yes, I got souvenirs for everyone!!!! And I hope that's EVERYONE!!! Guys, is 30 enough??? O_O"

Now I gotta go because I wanna finish reading Red River (and keep thinking of Edward Cullen) and start reading, hmm, maybe Ninja Hittori (and still keep thinking of Edward Cullen =="), because it's an old manga that I haven't finished reading also ==".. Man, why I never finished reading manga porperly???? T___T~
P/S: I'm still thinking of Edward Cullen!!! Oh baby, my dear Edward, honey, darling, why are you so irresistible???!!! T____T~

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