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Sry, no pic of me in this post...


* * *

So, this is it. This is where I am standing now.
Isn't it wonderful??? After today, everything will be diffirent, as I always wish!!! Don't worry if you don't understand what I'm babling about, you will know soon =)

Today I have an interesting (NOT!!!) story to tell y'all.. Some of you might already know one of my lame (stupid, indeed) habits. I don't know why I always send sms to wrong people. Because I'm using Sony Ericsson.. Oh btw, I just bought Sony Ericsson C905 - 8.1 mega pixels, it cost me AU$800 and I'm so satisfied xD.. C'mon, show me that you're jealous, nyeheheheh =D..

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So anyway, back to our story, I'm using S.E and well if you ever use S.E you'll understand what I'm trying to explain, that whenever I send sms, it automatically saves that person's name in a special list in the... how to say.. sms "thingy".. So that next time if I wanna send sms to that very same person I won't have to search for his number in my phone list because it's already there.. And I send sms to lotsa people, trust me, I'm a sms-ing machine T___T~. Therefore, there are many people's numbers are saved under my sms "thingy" list.. Unfortunately, I, a girl who has fat fingers, keep sending sms to wrong people in that list eventhough the job of finding the right person's number now seems easier!!!! Got what I'm trying to say??? It's okay if you dont, just remember that I usually send sms to wrong people, that's my point!!! =="

However, I still find myself lucky because so far I haven't sent message to people who shouldn't read it.. I mean, normally I send message to people who read it but don't give a damn because it doesn't have anything to do with them.. I haven't sent message to, say, A, when the message reads :"I hate A so much, she's a biatch.. I want her to go to hell!!! @#$%^&*".. So I'm still lucky ayte??? LOL ... Just kidding, don't give me that kinda look, I can see your eyes are gonna drop out of the holes, hee hee~.. Of course I never think of typing that kind of sms to anyone!!!

Okay, so the thing is, I bought a new phone, and most of the contact numbers are still in my old phone's memory, and I'm a lazy chick (wat, you expect me to call myself a "pig"?! Go to hell!!!) so I haven't sent or transfer any of the numbers to my new phone's memmory.. Therefore, all the messages sent from my friends appear as 2534903648203758632574655, in clearer way, numbers!!!!!

And this is the funny part, I know a guy in church named Peter, before you start thinking I have something with him, he's married.. Okay? So we're nothing but friends.. And hey, he's Vietnamese too (can barely speak VNese though), so we're kinda like feel a lil friendlier.. You know about the flesh and blood thingy =="..

Anyway, last Tuesday, I got a message said :"Rita, do you wanna go watch Madagascar 2 with me tomorrow???".. And I replied with a question :"Are you Pete???" and I got :"Yes, I am Pete :) ".. This is our conversation through sms:

Rita : "Oh okay, how many people will go with us???"
That person :" Only you and me baby :). I don't want other people to go with us"
Rita: "Oh *confused face*. Wat time and where???"
That person: "Can we meet at 12 in the city??"
Rita: "Haha, okay, where in the city?? Are you sure no one will be with us????"
That person :"Yes I'm sure. We'll meet by the X'mas tree. I have a surprise for you!!!"
Rita: "Woa woa wow.. This is so interesting, haha.. Which X'mas tree btw?? Is it the one at the crossroads???"
That person :"The one near the bridge to Southbank"
Rita :"Okay, see you tomorrow"

Then I suddenly remembered I would meet Peter later that night because we had a church gathering. So I smsed again :"Oh no wait, We'll meet later right?" and amazingly I sent it to Peter. So I got his reply :"Yes, I'll fetch you at 6.40".. You see, because of that, I thought the person smsed with me through out the process was Peter!!!! I guess Peter was confused why I started my sms with "Oh no wait" =="

When Peter came to fetch me, I really examined him, I looked at him hard (almost stared) and I found nothing's wrong with him... Because I was thinking why would a married guy wanna go out with me, ALONE????!!!!!.. I guess he was confused too T___T~... I could read from his face expression :"Hey, it's me, get in the car!!".. During the gathering, I kept wondering if I should ask him about what would happen the next day, about the surprise I had been told and so on.. But Lisa, his wife, was there, and I didn't know if she knew that her husband asked me out!!!! O_O". As a result, I said nothing about it, and told myself :"Well, let's see, what is going on..."

On Wednesday, I took bath before leaving home. And I thought I might be 10 or 15 mins late so I smsed Peter :"Hi Peter, can we meet at 12.15 pls??" and ran to the bus station. While I was in the bus, Peter called me and asked me "Where are you???", I was thinking :"Oh shit, he's already there", so I started explaining :"I will be a lil late, I'm on my way".. Sounded very confused, Peter kept asking me quesrions and told me he didn't sms me, neither received my sms about the outing on that day.. I was mumbling in my head :"What???? How could this be??? Was it someone else took his phone and played a prank on me??? Was it his wife??? Or his friend??? Or a ghost????".. I thought extremely hard, then suddenly I received a message from "that person" :"Hey where are you???".. I quickly replied, feeling like I was gonna solve a criminal case (too much paranoid I guess), :"Hey who are you???"... And to my surprise, that person replied :"Amisha, you idiot!!!"... So I went :"wth, why you said you're Pete???" and I got :"Haha, i was just playing around.. so where are you???"...

Okay, so now y'all know it's not Peter.. But heck, their numbers look sooooo similar!!! I met Amisha and told her the story.. She was like almost shouting with shocked looking face :"What the heck were you thinking??? Why would you agree to go out with a married guy??? Wat's wrong with uuuuuu????".. And I went :"Relax, I thought he had a surprise, maybe he wants me to see someone or something ==" ...

Pheww, long story huh~.. I can't believe I just told you one of my embarrassing stories =="

Anyway, yesterday (Wednesday) I went to the cinema with Amisha and Willy to watch.... (erm, can you guess???) ...... Twilight, again!!!! Well, Amisha suggested to watch Madagascar 2. I and Willy have watched both Twilight and Madagascar 2. But since Amisha hadn't watched Twilight at that moment, I suggested 'em to watch Twilight. Willy had no comment. So we watched Twilight... I was like :"Wheeee!!!!!! I'm gonna see my handsome Edward again!!!!"...

I guess I looked very shamelessly happy on the way to the cinema because Amisha asked me: "Why do you look so happy???"..
I answered with almost-tears-coming-out-from-my-eyes :"I'm gonna see him again!!!!"..
Amisha was like :"Oh, I see.. You guys haven't seen each other for 6 months right???"..
And I looked as confused as I could be :"No, I just saw him last Monday, with Lily!!!!"...
Amisha : O_O" ...
Rita: "Wait, are you taking about my bf or my Edward Cullen???"..
Amisha :"Your bf, cuz you looked so happy... Wait, you looked this happy because of Edward, not your bf????"..
I innocently went :"Uh huh" and took a sip from my drink...
Amisha : *sigh*

After the movie, Amisha asked me :"Do you think Bella is pretty??".. I agreed she's pretty, Willy said :"At first I didn't think she was pretty but as I watched the movie, she started becoming pretty ==".. That, I agreed too... Amisha said James looked hot!!! ==" James is the bad guy who trapped Bella and bit her on the wrist.. There's only Edward in my heart!!!!! I'm so loyal, wtf!!!! I do agree with Eng Aun that Alex is cool.. I like the way she throws the ball during the basket ball game, she looks totally professional, awesome, cute and hot!!! I also like her bf, that weird looking guy.. He's cool too!!! Man, Edward's family is sooo cool ^^

Do you know the song that is being played in my blog??? Whenever I listen to it, I start thinking, reminiscing about the baseball scene.. It's sooo cool... I almost wish I could be there and witness it.. Heck, I do wish I could =="... Then I can run to Edward and hug him!!! Lalalala~ ... Okay, I'd better stop, too much paranoid these days =="

So I'm still standing on Lala Land.. Duh, like you all can't realise that =="

Next, this part is for Eng Aun, I would like to explain briefly about Red River, that is "briefly" I just said, and I hope it will be as brief as it can be..

So this is the story: A girl named Yuri, from Japan, is kidnapped by a witch in somewhere in the Middle East, near Egypt, back to the 1st or 2nd century (somewhere in the past laahh), because Yuri's blood can help her son (she's a queen btw, a witch + queen = disaster) become the next king.. But Yuri is rescued by a playful and flirty prince, the person who the queen hates, who is totally handsome - Rita might say. Well, as usual, he wanna "have some fun" with her but she denies. And he finds Yuri is someone special. They eventually fall in love without telling each other. Yuri and Kail, the prince, try to find ways to send Yuri back to her time although they personally don't want that to happen, because of love laaa ==". And then wars come, and they have to be apart. And Yuri helped Kail during the war because she wanna be approved to be his wife. The witch never gives up. Well the rest, find out yourself, Eng Aun!!! It's more interesting if you spend time to read =) . It also has "sensitive" parts where they tend to make love too, haha, very interesting right???!!! So you should read and see it yourself ^^.. (Actually I'm tired of telling, LOL)

Now I gotta go pack my stuff!!! I haven't packed yet!!! Haizzz... But anyway, I'm more than happy to do it ^^ ... No complain =)


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