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Suddenly I realised how I always feel about men who watch anime. It's like a lightened light bulb above my head, plus the sound "Ting!". Now I gotta spread my thoughts, and if you (a guy) watch anime, read what I think about you...

**Note: If you start feeling offended, you'd better not continue reading on this post**

It's pretty unfair to say this, but honestly, I think guys who watch anime are so uncool!!! I seriously mean it when I say it.

NO matter how cool you are to me,
once I know you watch anime,
you become an uncool piece of *beep*.

However, it doesn't mean that every guy who watches anime will be an uncool piece of *censored* to me. Basically, it depends mostly on what type of anime you watch. I am okay with the Conan-alike type, or Doraemon (I think it's more to cartoons), or Dragon Ball, or in summary, the type of anime that reflects normal life (friendship, love story, bla bla bla).

I despise guys who watch anime that have sexy anime girls, or girls that are fake.

  • try to act cute
  • make dumb face expression
  • have abnormal big boobs
  • wear abnormal mini skirts
  • use annoying childish voice
  • try to show off body figures while they walk
  • Oh and also the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease I always find when I watch anime
  • etc.

I especially despise ANY guy who asks his girlfriend to act and behave like a certain anime character just to please him. For your effing information, if you ever ask me to do that, you are honestly worse than a piece of @#$%^&* to me.

So basically, NEVER compare me with any anime characters.

I remember last year I bought a pair of circle lens and I thought it would make my eyes look bigger, just like those cute Korean actresses (but I was wrong because my pupils themselves are already big, wearing or not doesn't make any difference ---> I wasted my money). I smsed someone and tell him about my lens. After a while, that person asked me if I looked like these anime characters (a few girls' names were listed). I HONESTLY LOVED HIM LESS AT THAT VERY MOMENT!!! I felt broken-hearted and very disappointed in him, for the very first time in my effing life. I also started feeling worse about him everytime an anime topic (especially about girls in anime) is raised.


It's really not easy to explain what I actually wanna tell you all. Because I, in fact, do like a few anime movies. But I, however, do hate some of them too. It is like my mind can categorize what I wanna watch, but I just don't know how to share my opinions here.

I am actually okay with the comic anime type and the watchers who just watch anime for fun, relaxing purpose.

But I am not okay with the weird and fake personality girls anime type and the watchers who are the hard-core type.

Which type do you and your (*eww*) anime belong to?

For my effing sake, be a healthy otaku!!!


Next topic:

Oh My Effing *beep* !!!! (Sorry, so many eff words are used today)

Just as I started feeling happy because Autumn is coming, it's getting hotter and hotter than ever. Today I had to go to the supermarket because I was running out of food. I didn't really know what the heck I bought because they all cost me almost 100 bucks!!!!!!

How could it be????

Anyway, expensive food doesn't really piss me off, but the hot temperature does. I had to walk a long way from the supermarket to the bus station and from the bus station to my home. When I reached home, my face was red like a real tomato, my sweat was dripping like mad and my head was spinning unstoppably.

I felt like my fresh and big and lovely broccoli was cooked on the way I walked home, because of the heat. When I entered the house,
I had to rush to the sofa in the living room, sat there and breathed like a 9 month pregnant woman.

Autumn is coming in 10 days. I only have 1 wish: Please rain everyday until Autumn!!!!! No no, I wanna correct my sentence, please rain and keep raining until the temperature drops to below 25 degrees Celsius. Now I can feel the happiness of the Aussie people here whenever it rains (but I guess different reasons, they are happy because of the drought issue, I am happy because of the heat issue ==")

Generally, everything in IES is still very okay, conflicts were solved.

P/S: Still looking for a damn job.

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