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This week passes really fast, at least that's how I feel. I actually don't wanna type much because I am very tired at the moment. So I will just brainstorm what I wanna tell in this post:

_ I met a guy who is from Switzerland. His name is Yann. Swiss guys ain't bad I guess. In fact, Yann is a very sweet guy. He's 24 years old and we really had fun in the bar that I work at. We even met coincidentally in Hungry Jack after my shift. I knew that he didn't stalk me because there were 2 other guys, who are from Indonesia, followed him. After a while, I gave him my phone number and we (as in 4 ppl) will go for a movie next Sunday =)

_ I think I am a coward now. I suddenly become so shy that I couldn't even stand on the stage anymore. The story is, I was invited to give a pole dance performance on the stage last Tuesday, but I didn't accepted whereas normally I love dancing on the stage like hell. Grrr...

_ Speaking of pole dancing, I am learning all the hard tricks now. The proof is the bruises on my 2 legs. I have gained 6 more bruises, 2 on my right thigh, 1 on my left thigh and the rest are below my knees.

Please click on this post's title if you can't see the link "Continue Reading Here" =="

_ I can't stop going for hip hop lessons. Gosh, it's so addictive!!!

_ The C-K [Cardio-Karate] class was quite crowded today. Not much place to move --> >"<

_ I need to work tomorrow night before flying to Sydney on Saturday morning.

_ I haven't packed anything yet!!!

_ I can't even remember the hotel's name and where it is =="

_ My birthday is coming soon. It's on the 25th April.

_ I am turning 19 this year ^^

_ I will be in Sydney on my birthday.

_ I am wondering if I should bring condom this time. Hmm..

_ Missing "him" now...

_ I also miss his........smell =)

_ Oh ya, speaking of smell. This morning, in a bus to school, suddenly there was this smell ran by my nose. It smelled really good and...sweet, smelled like......Yann =).

_ I am wondering if I should sms Yann.

_ What should I say then???

_ ....

_ Never mind, I change my mind. He is just a friend anyway. Being too close to him may scare him off =="

_ Can't wait to see my darling =)

That's all I guess, gud nite guys. I need more sleep.

I look more like a corpse than a beautiful, lovely, young little girl now *sob sob sob*


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