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What a messy day today!!!!

I woke up late today due to yesterday late sleep (at 4am LOL).

Then I ..... played poker HAHAHA!!!

I didn't even have breakfast u know, oh well it was too late for breakfast anyway.

Then I called Daryl at almost 1pm and we talked craps LOL, until 2pm something. And I hadn't even had lunch yet at that time :D

I suddenly remembered that I had a talk about Cardio-Karate class at 5.30pm so I rushed to take bath. But then dunno for whatever dumb reasons, after taking bath I jumped on to my bed and took a nap T_____T"

Well I think you already know what the ending was ---> I was late for the talk. Besides, I didn't know how to get to that Karate Academy ==".

Although I rushed there (and saw 2 damn f*cking buses passed by right in front of my face, I was like 5 secs late for the bus, wth man), I knew that I wouldn't be able to make it on time!!!! I called the "sensei" to say sorry and we delayed the talk because after 6.15pm he had 2 classes until 9pm, haizzz...

Then since I was already in the city, I intended to go for a Jazz dancing class (My dancing center is in the city).

But I was damn hungry and felt like vomiting already because nothing had been put into my stomach since I woke up T___T", so I entered a Korean Cuisine and order a few stuffs, very expensive but worth the money because everything was in HUGE bowls.

Then I realized I was about to be late for the Jazz dancing class so I ate half way and had the rest packed to take away. But then I was so damn full and basically I can't jump or do any hard work if I am full so I had to go home *sob sob sob*...

See? I couldn't do anything today... HAIZZZ!!!

Guess I should really start doing all the annoying assignments and projects now. Procrastinating is not good, tsk tsk tsk *shake head*!!!

_But well, maybe later LOL!!!

_No DO IT NOW Rita!!!

_Nah Later!!!



_Geez, you're ruining your own life!!!

_Okay enough la!!!

_So you will do your school work now??? :D



_Can you ever shut the f*ck up???

_Not until you tell me that you will do your work!!!

_Gosh, just go die already larhhh!!!

................... O_O" .....................

Oh sorry, I forgot you are still here reading my post. Well I was just fighting with myself LOL!!!

Have fun guys!!!

*Continue fighting with myself*

Note the middle finger HAHAHAHA!!!!

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