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"Love me, hate me, can you see what I see
All of the boys, and all of girls are begging to If You Seek Amy (F-U-C-K ME)"

LOL, that's an old story, Brit cursed haters in her songs. How cool is that!!!

I wish I can write a song and curse haters around me too.

But well, too bad I have no hater!

And I honestly don't hate any one =)

I think I have a problem, sometimes I just get extremely crazy about something and I make a H.U.G.E fuss about it, but well after all, when the storm is over, I look at myself and think :"I am such a bad girl". My close friends and boyfriend need to know this.

Also, I tend to get mad very easily at people who I feel very close to. It's like

the closer you are to me,
the more I get mad at you

Sorry but that's somehow the truth =( .

So if I ever get mad at you, argue with you, hurt you with my words/my blog/over the phone/ect, that's just because I am being very myself with you.

But if I am way too polite or anything, it basically means that I don't really care about you and don't give a damn about what you think 'bout me.

Unfortunately, not everyone that I like could realise this fact before they decide to leave me. One of the biggest reason why I lose friends is because of this.

Haizzzz, I am really weird...

Well, that's just me. What can I say? =(

Having said that, I actually laugh more with people that I like. So as a conclusion, I will laugh more and get mad easily at you if you are close (either mentally or physically, or both) close to me!!!

Okay, sad topic should be put away. Now what's next? Oh yea, the temperature drops these days!!! Woo hoo!!! I can't be happier!!!

I am so pleased to wear my jacket to school, instead of wishing that I could go to school in my birthday suit (because of the heat ==").

*In case you don't understand what "birthday suit" means, it means "being naked" :)

My Easter break already started. Yesterday I went for hip hop class, it's been 3 weeks and I'm just looooovin' it. Since I left my high school cheerleading team, my body had been, like, DEAD!!! So you should be able to imagine how happy and eager I am to go for hip hop class.

Tell you one fact, I dance very well, I have a great memory when it comes to dance steps and movement. I have so much energy when I dance that I can actually bang my head with the music and storm the dance floor. I really feel like I even gain more energy when I dance. The dance floor and the music are like heaven on earth to me =)

Maybe one day I should take video during the dancing lesson =)

Generally I have no plan for this Easter break, outing anyone? My number is 04 5074 XXXX *grin*

Just talked to Chick, my best girl-friend, on the phone (for more than 1 hour, and she's in Vietnam okay, I can see how long my telephone bill has become ==").. Anyway, I am just feeling happy that she already has other good friends around her.

Tell you another fact (Geez, I am so good today, I reveal almost everything to you :D), before I and Chick became best friend, we used to love one guy at the same time, and we used to hate each other like mad. But then we became best friend after all, and we are still best friend =)

So you wanna see the famous Chick about whom I am talking???? Take a deep breath dear...

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Isn't she pretty? =)

Oh wait, sorry, forgot to tell you which one she is =="

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That's her =)...

If you want her number, feel free to ask me LOL

That's all for this entry I guess, wonder what else I wanna tell you, hmmm....

Oh well, ttyl~ (and don't forget to leave your comment)


P/S: Is having sex before marriage okay???

P.p/S: I will be in Sydney on my birthday a.k.a Australian's Anzac Day, 25th April =)

P.p.p/S: The P.p/S has nothing related to the P/S =="

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