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Very simple, but also complicated.

Very girly, but always stay strong.

If you kiss me, you are not respecting me. If you don't kiss me, you're gay =="

If you agree with me on anything I say, you are just doing it for the sake of my happiness. But if you disagree, you don't understand me well.

If you see me very often, I am afraid I will look boring to you. But if you hardly ever see me, I am thinking that you may be cheating on me.

If you care too much about your appearance, I think you're a player. But if you don't care at all, you're boring =(

If you're jealous when I am with someone else, I think you're bad. But if you don't get jealous, I think you don't love me!!!

If you're late on our date, I think you don't wanna hang out with me. But if I am late, that's just because I spend hours in front of the mirror to make myself look better to you =)

If you hardly ever kiss me, I think you are very cold. But if you always kiss me, I may think you're "using" me.. 

If you don't help me, I think you are a bad guy. But if you help me, I think you wanna flirt with me!!!

If you look at other girls, I think you're promiscuous and unfaithful. But if I look at other guys, that's just because I admire him/his body/etc =)

If you talk, I want you to listen. But when you listen, I want you to talk (LOL)

See, I am confusing, but I am also wanted by many guys

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