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I am so sorry if I ever sounded selfish to you. Indeed, I know I can be amazingly selfish sometimes =(

But you know what, now I am happy that we are still friends like nothing had ever happened to upset us before.

Boys are so difficult to understand, or well...should I just say boys and girls are really really really really different (altho boys are human like girl :"> ) LOL!

When girls are sad or stressed/etc., we need someone to talk to, we MUST TALK IT ALL OUT!!! Girls, am I right??? =)

But when boys are sad or stressed/etc., they just need to be alone, they MUST ISOLATE THEMSELVES!!! It's like they have to evaporate from the reality until they feel better/normal again..

That's so weird, but many boys have told me that, even Daryl. I also remember one of the books about boys that I bought long time ago (YES, I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT BOYS' BEHAVIORS AND STUFFS =="), the author also mentioned about this important fact =)

Anyway, in case you haven't realized, the previous post, titled "Sadness", is followed by this post. The purpose is to let you all know (and "him" as well ^^) that I am feeling better now.

NO MORE SADNESS ^^ !!! (temporarily)

A little update on myself these days,

1. Went for the pole dancing lesson this evening, the trick today involves holding myself onto the pole and let go (with the hands).

It means I have to hold the pole with my thighs, which also means I've gotta squeeze my thighs altogether and do the "locking thing" (sorry, I use "cheerleading" language here, dunno how to call it, but in cheerleading, it's called "locking")...

And Gosh, as my body started sliding down (after like 3 or 4 minutes since I couldn't hold on any longer), my whole inner thighs areas started feeling like they were burning, furiously!!!

2. Cardio-Karate class is becoming more interesting now, got a chance to lay my hands on
weapons in class and I will start using them from now on (YAY~)!!!

3. Ordinary Karate class is still going on well, except for the warming up part and ending-lesson-part!!! Gosh, all the training are totally crazy!!!

4. After all, I think I am becoming stronger now. The proof is I can do the "sitting position" (for a very long time) while having myself holding onto a vertical pole, without having to use my hands to hold it =)

5. I am adding my Vietnamese highschool friends on Facebook and surprisingly, a few of them are going to Sydney soon ^^

6. ... (a secret) ...

Ok you can leave now (shoo shoo!!! LOL just kidding)

Love you all,


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