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Man, exam's coming!!!
What is this???
It's not the first time i sit an exam or anything...
Still feel so nervous!!!!!

Okay so here's the schedule:

Monday 15th June: Maths (easy shit :D)
Tuesday 16th June: Business Management (shoot me X"[ )
Wednesday 17th June: Academic English (okok larh)
Economics (definitely will die T___T")
Thursday 18th June: Accountings (not so bad b .. b ... but .... *sob*)

Friday 19th June: HEAVEN!!! PARTY TIME!!!! SHOPPAHOLIC!!! WOO HOO!!! *disco music played*

But I've got a looo oo oo o oo ong way to go until Friday next week *music stops + cricket sound*

Hopefully this kinda sentence is true, it goes :"It will soon be over before you know it".
Please please be over now, I am not knowing it, so be over now.. Okay I will pretend I am not knowing it, can it be over now????? *praying* =="

I'll tell you what I do to prepare for my exams, you may wanna copy me (actually most of you already do that), but for the sake of your bright future, you shouldn't follow me.

Here's wat I do:
_ watch disney cartoons
_ play NDS
_ Facebook 24/7
_ watch all the "Hannah Montana" episodes that I missed
_ shopping (especially shoe shopping, one of the pair was bought in an Adult Shop, trust me, they look super cute :x)
_ hang out with friends
_ .... (a few more time-wasting things) ....

I just want exams to be over, in fact, i wish today was friday next week, because I have something special to do on saturday next week!!!! Shhh..... it's a secret ^o^

Okay, that's all for now. Gotta go, not sure if I will study, maybe I should look at my study notes for Economics..... nah, maybe later.
(I'm still playing nds halfway, need to finish the round, then .... continue playing!!! ^^)


1 funny comment(s)

ming said... @ 16 June 2009 at 22:52

oiii. study la studyyy!!!

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