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My new shoes, aren't they lovely? ^^

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Don't make me angry or I will kick you with these LOL

Today's topics:
_ How nasty girls "welcomed" me at a bar in Gold Coast
_ I made the city train stop, especially for me!!!
_ Latest update on my study :)


Hey you, pssst, come here!!!
Guess wat? :D

!!!!!EXAM'S OVER!!!!!


Okay, so now I am a free woman, I mean, girl :) *wink*

But before talking about exam stuffs, lemme tell you a story yea?

Erm, I was in Gold Coast last Friday night for a job trial at a bar there. But the girls were soooo nasty to me. I used to work at one bar in Brisbane (long long long time ago) but I didn't really like it there, and I heard Gold Coast was super fun. But NO! It was a nightmare!!!!

Okay, so the story was like this. I asked one of the girl, very nicely: "Excuse me honey, where is the bathroom?". Suddenly she turned to me and said :"WHY DON'T YOU JUST DISAPPEAR ALREADY? WE DON'T NEED YOU HERE!!!". Apparently I was the only Asian girl there, most of them are Aussie, or from Western countries. And also, apparently, Aussie guys love talking with Asian girls. What can I do? They talked to me, not that I ran to them and made them talk to me!!!!!! I think this also has happened to one of my Russian friend in another night club, so damn racist =="

It's all about the tips, okay? The tips!!! More talking, more tips, simple!!!

After hearing what the girls said, I was so shocked by the way they "welcomed" me. So I straight away told her: "@#$%^&* you!" and walked straight to the manager table and I told her I wanted to quit 20 mins after that.

Then I caught the mid night train, also the last train, back to Brisbane. And apparently it was an express train, ran straight from Gold Coast to Brisbane city whereas my house is like in the middle. I was a bit hopeless, thinking I would have to catch a taxi from the city to my house (which always costs approximately 40 bucks).

But I saw a man, who was wearing uniform and a name tag, walking a long the train. I asked him whether there was another train to my house. He said NO :( . But guess what, after a few mins he came back and asked me: "which station you wanna get off?", I said: "Altandi", and he told me to wait for him to check if he could do anything for me.

3 mins later, he came back and said :"Miss, we will make a special stop for you!!!". Even 5 or 10 mins after he left, I still couldn't believe that it was true O_O".

When the train almost reached my station, I stood up and walked to the door while many young drunk nerds stared at me. I even heard one of the girls said to her friends: "Stop looking at her! She's a drunk bitch, this is an express train. She'll have to stand there for another half an hour".

But guess what, the train stopped :D

I walked out, said thank you loudly to the kind gentleman who helped me, and walked to the elevator while many people in the train looked so confused. Some were sleeping, had to sit up and check the station's name. Some were staring at me, as if I am a superstar.

Hey that's right, I AM REALLY A SUPER STAR. lol

Okay, back to my study stuffs :)

Last week I was supposed to study, study and study .... but I was distracted. It's very weird, or maybe it's actually not so weird, because every time exam comes, I suddenly love playing nds more, read manga more, watch cartoons more, chat more, gossip more, etc.

And then, on Sunday night, I couldn't sleep, I was awake till 4am, and I even thought my Maths paper would start in 4 hours ==". But nah, luckily not, phew! Anyway, it's just Maths, for me it's easy like eating porridge only LOL.

And then, on Tuesday, Business Management was not that hard. In almost 3 hours, I wrote a 1300 word essays and my topic was about "Teams". I knew many of my friends chose "Leadership" or "Making changes" but I still felt "Teams" was easier for me. What can I say? I am a team person, LOL

On Wednesday, the heaviest day when I had Academic English in the morning and Economic 1 hour after that. English was alright, so much to do with "political ideologies", thought I would be bored during the exam but nah, it was not bad after all. Economics was like ... Oh. My. God ... so hard!!! LOL just kidding, not very hard but hard enough to make me lose my grade. I am now having grade 7, which is the highest, it's like A1 in Malaysia. I am soooo afraid that I would get grade 6 or something *sob sob*

On Thursday, funny day, which is today anyway ==". My last paper was Accounting. I thought it would start in the morning so I woke up early at 5am (after receiving Daryl's sms at 4am :D). Then I rushed to IES and reached there at 9am. When I got to my exam room, nobody was there. I was like :"Oh shit, everyone is in the room!!! I am late!!! But heck, it's only 9.05am anyway", because normally it takes like 15 mins to let all the students in the room and the paper always starts at 9.30am. But then I realised that my paper would only start in the afternoon, after calling a friend and knowing that he's still zzz at home =="

So anyway, exam's passed. Overall:
_ Maths: VERY GOOD, as usual :)
_ Business Management: Good, I got many good points in my essays :)
_ Academic English: Good :)
_ Economics: *gulp*
_ Accounting: Good like Maths :)

In the end, I am happy, especially this coming weekend is gonna be totally crazy and fun *wink wink hint hint* :D


P/S: I need to find another job now, gonna go bankrupt soon, haha xD

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