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There are times when I want to write a very long post. There are also times when I want to post nothing but just a random picture found on the internet, usually because it matches my feeling.

I don't know what comes today, actually I have nothing to write about at the moment, but let's just see what would be the outcome.

Basically, I have been on holiday for approximately 5 days, having a brilliant time.

In my previous post, I DID mention that I would have a crazy and fun weekend after finishing my exam. The truth is, I WENT TO SYDNEY, again :)

And yes, I really did have a great moment there. Won't tell you exactly what happened but you should just need to know that I would love to go to Sydney again soon LOL

OH and I have a job interview tomorrow. This time, it has nothing to do with Hospitality & Tourism industry like my previous job. Hopefully it will go well, I have strong belief and trust in myself. You know what, I do believe I have money-making hands. Because whatever I do, no matter how much I have spent, in the end, I still have ways to survive and generate cash (excluding asking money from my mom of course). That should be good, I reckon :) ... *clear throat* But hey that doesn't mean I am rich okay, I am poor like dunno-wat-already, somebody please donate a few grands to me :D

I know there are people out there who just love to earn lots and lots of money but stay soooo normal and ordinary in life. I am not the same, I can't be like that. I am an adventurous person, well I also love making lots of money, and I love spending (reasonably) too. I love being outstanding in the crowd. I don't want to be an observer, I want to be observed. I want my life to be a terrific story. I know it will be!

Okay, time to sleep. LOL sorry for the sudden stop, haha :D


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