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Sorry I was kinda busy these days, busy solving criminal cases...

You see, I've been a defense attorney for a few weeks and I have successfully completed approximately 8 cases now. But that's not all, I still have a long, thrilling and exciting way ahead. Most of the prosecutors I've faced are pretty tough so I just gotta put my head in the game.

In case you have no idea what I was mumbling about, it's the "Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney" game that has been catching most of my attention. Can't stop the addiction!

Anyway, as usual, I am okay.... *long pause* .....Objection!!!! I am not okay, NOT AT ALL!!!

I think I sprained my right arm. I'll spill the beans. I love the pole but I don't know why it keeps hurting me. Yet, I still find myself considering paying 700 bucks for a 45mm X-pole from an adult shop. Very tempting!!! Hmm.... I hate you pole, nah kidding. What can I say?! Love hurts :)

You know what, I just read this article on a Vietnamese website. It listed 4 types of men a woman should have in her life in order to make it wonderful. I do think it's true what the article stated.

To summerize it, the 4 types of men are:

1. A man who you want soooo much but you can't have him at all (it even advised that you shouldn't even try to have him in order to not to spoil the fun)

2. A best male friend from childhood.

3. A gay friend

4. Some one who .... Sorry I forgot, will try to find that article again =.="

But anyway, my point here is nothing but the first type of men - Someone I want to have very much but I can't have him.

For those who never heard of this man (probably because I never told), he's my first crush. It's amazing how time can hardly erase the feeling I've been having towards him since I was a 10 year old little girl. To me, he's not only someone who I feel undeniably very close, mentally ... (and very far, physically) ... he's also someone who sometimes pops into my dreams when I sleep.

I am sorry Daryl. I love you very much. This doesn't mean I stop loving you or I plan to cheat on you (unlike how I talked insanely on the phone =="). The person in me is like a drawer (pffft, sorry I am bad at describing myself), it contains heaps of things that there is hardly anyone can have a look at. In fact, I don't think that person exists.

This post might sound like a sudden and random thing, I don't mind. Indeed, I want it to be just random like that. I feel it would be better that way.

So in the end, I've got his contact info now, after quite a long time looking for it. But maybe that will be just .... that, no more no less. We will maintain our friendship in the purest way we can and he will forever be the man that the-young-girl-in-me love very much. No doubt he is very irresistible to me but bringing him into my life is outta question. Maybe that's part of the fun. Also, he's been in a relationship with one of my old female friends in high school for 3 years. Not that it's the reason for such decision of mine by the way.

Anyway, that's all for now... You read and you forget. Don't think too much!!!

Have a happy week, people!


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