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Pheew, finally, I quit my job!!!!

I have fixed my financial problem in about a month and a week!!!! Feel so good...

I just got a full offer letter - CoE - from Sibt in Sydney, where I will study in October. Oh you haven't known? Yes the rumors are all true, I am moving to Sydney, fast! So fast that I couldn't catch a normal breath. I will fly in...lemme see...142 hours to Sydney and guess what, I haven't packed anything yet, omg I am so doomed ==" (I hate you Phoenix Wright)

Luckily, accommodation and everything is quite settled (I hope) so I don't really have to worry much once I am in Sydney. Besides, Daryl is there. I don't think he will ignore me although I am pretty sure myself that I can always handle things alone in new places (as I have always been since I was 16, I was in Malaysia all by myself remember?!)...

Speaking of Daryl, there's something going on inside me and I hate it. I think he hates it too... We both hate it!!! I can't tell you what it is but it's the reason we often argue with each other. Usually, I am the one who talks more, since he probably doesn't have much to say. After all, it's damn irritating. Arrrggghhhhhh... Damn!!!! All those questions in my head start with "WHY???", I have so many "Why-" questions that I myself can't answer them.

And FYI, I am having period now. I get mad easily and I always make a big fuss about everything. EVERYTHING, I SAY!!!!!! Grrrrr......


Do you believe in "karma"??? I do! I don't know what "karma" I am talking about but I surely know if I did nothing wrong, I deserve happy endings. So watch out you all, don't be niggas/bitches! Cuz one day, you will get what you did to the others... Or worse?!!!

These days, I fill myself with happiness chatting to old friends since primary school and junior high school. A few of them were my ex-es. To be honest, we all are so much different now. Although somewhere in our lines, we all can sense there's something like childish jealousy where we all acknowledge that it's all over and we have been moving on. Like, when one of my ex told me "I love my current gf 10 times more then when I loved you" and I replied him "That's good to hear cuz I love my bf infinite times more then when I loved you", we both felt there's something, something I can't explain. Sorry I don't know where I am heading to with this, but yea, people change, memories stay!

Here is the list of things I would love to eat. I can't sleep without telling myself that I would, one day, eat them soon. They are:

German sausages
German sausages
German sausages

Yeaa yeaa I know there's a different name for it, I bet you would call it "W├╝rste" rather than "German sausage" but who cares, they are the same, aren't they? I just wanna smell them, lick them, bite the crunchy skin off, taste the juicy meat, chew them and swallow them all the way down to my little stomach.

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Omg, so big!!! Lol, if you know what I mean :D

Oh btw, I have a baby. Do you believe that??? I'll show you a pic :)

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"I have cute bums, hee hee"

Look! Isn't she so cute? xD I brought her to one of my Aussie friend's house and we let her crawling around on the bed. Such an adorable baby *cuddle* ^^

What?! You wanna see my baby's face??!! You gotta pay for it and it's not cheap. But you agree with me that she's very cute right?? ^^ Ok, since you all agree that she's cute, I will just let you have a sneak peek, tee hee :D

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"I still have no teeth but I love chewing things. Gimme something to chew!!!!"

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"Keep your stuffs carefully cuz once it ends up in my cute mouth I won't give it back!!!"

So cute right? Every babies is cute ^^. Okay la, she doesn't look like me a bit, I will confess. She's not my baby. I found her on a mom's blog and she sounds very proud of her baby. Who doesn't? If I have a baby, he/she would be the most precious thing in my life, husband is the least, lalalala hahahahihihihohoho....

Ok that's all for now. Ciao ciao ciao!!!


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