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As promised, I will update y'all on what's going on so far :)

I've been in Sydney for a month now. Time passes so fast eh?! Didn't really have time to catch a breath and enjoy life. But from now on, I will try to slow down. I say I will TRY!!!

Well actually I know the reason why I haven't been enjoying as I should have. It's just financial problem, again!!! I have no idea why but I guess the best answer would be I have been over-spending these days *sigh*. I can see money has been flying out from my pocket . Seriously, MONEY DOES FLY!!! T___T"

And I supposed you already knew what the outcome was. Yes I go to work, not that I am complaining though. I like earning money, paying the bills myself. I feel pity for my mom who is working so bloody hard in VietNam to earn $$$ for my uni fee here. I mean she's there ALL BY HERSELF, without any support from anyone, not even my father. I owe her a lot and I don't wanna bring too much trouble to her. Even when I was sick, I never told her and lied that I was sleeping whenever she called so that she wouldn't notice I was unwell. I always try to sound as happy and at my best when I am on the phone with her.

I now have one and only goal at the moment. I will try to stay in OZ and bring my beloved family members here. We've been separating for too long that I couldn't remember how many year it has been. One is always in Vietnam, one is in Hong Kong and another one, which is me, has been travelling from Singapore to Malaysia and now in Australia. That's seriously sad and I seriously do feel lonely when I realise that I've been alone, especially when I need support the most. Life has taught me to be an independent, strong and tough girl!

Ok anyway, I've been typing enough about my personal issue. Actually I didn't intend to type about it also. Sheesh, why am I always going off topic whenever I blog???!!! ==" I should talk about my daily life now.

I, at first, worked at a club called Bada Bing at KingCross, a place where you can find many night clubs and adult shops (I like!!! Cuz that's where I normally shop for shoes LOL ). But I quit working there because honestly it's too complicated!!! It's full of shit and craps. There are many types and layers of people you can find there and it's worse than a street market. And heck, they don't even pay me hourly to work there. It's commission based. So basically, they don't care about their employees. They can have up to 20 waitresses in a small room, believe it or not?! And we, generally, had to compete with each other to serve enough drinks. That's totally insane!!! No surprise that I quit right? I have no idea why there are a few girls who have been working there for 6 months already. I mean, they are too lazy to find other jobs or they don't know better jobs exist or what?! =="

About my new job. I can't complain about it. It's totally cool. Just like my old job in Brisbane. The only different is I was a bartender and now I am a waitress. But that's alright, I am cool with what I am doing. I am now paid hourly, happy to work in a classy club where most of the customers are business men. And everyone has been very nice to me. Well, actually, there's only 1 girl who is quite bitchy to me. I've no idea why this type of people are everywhere. It's like they never leave me alone. Pffft. But it's okay, I am used to it =="

Now I am working on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I am happy to be rostered for more shifts because that means I earn more $$$. LOL, who doesn't want more money??? I now love Wednesday because that's when I check my bank account and see a bigger amount of money in it. . Life's been good to me so far!!! :)

I will start my new semester in about 2 weeks. Wonder what it will be like. Probably not easy to swallow. More over, it's an express year. I think I am fated with everything that's express. I used to be in an express foundation year and now express 1st year of uni. Great!!! ==" Express course ain't easy you know?! It means same amount of work, subjects, assignments, etc. but less time to finish.

But after all,


I've always been surviving, I will be surviving, LOL. What am I talking about? It's only studying, not going to the war field or anything. My mom would scold me if she knew what I am typing LOL . Yes, it's only studying. I will be okay!!!

I have no idea why every time a new uni semester starts, I always feel like X'mas is near?! Yes I want X'mas. Santa Claus is coming to town :)

I guess that should be all for now. I really wanna hang out with friends but sorry I am fully booked from now till end of weekend. I will try to find some free time for y'all yea!!!



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