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Erm... Hi (this is gonna be awkward)..

It's been so long since...I don't remember when I stopped posting blog entries. I mean, of course life is busy and full of works to do..okay I am trying to make an excuse on the spot here. But hey, at least I am back, I am here now, writing to you guys, as if there are still a few of you sitting here reading my post :)


Let me get it started by giving you all a big big hug. Why? Because you all deserve it. I do believe if we human hug each other enough, there won't be any war. Am I right?

So how has it been for each and everyone of you? I won't go telling what's been going on in my life uncontrollably now because to be frank, shits happened, lol, just kidding....not, hahaha... But erm really, good things and bad things happened, for a reason, or many reasons, I believe. So far, I am enjoying life in a way. It's my life, I love it and I find reasons to enjoy it every day. Like what I am doing now, writing to you guys, is what I love to do. After all, I am a girl, and girls love sharing stories (I refuse to use the word "gossip").

Gosh, I feel like I can start typing a whole fiction book now. I have been imagining stuffs lately and ideas keep flashing through my mind. Maybe it's not a bad idea that I should start writing. What do you all think? 

Keep dropping by and let's hope we all can catch up with each other.

Love you heaps

Rita Kyoshi


1 funny comment(s)

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