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Hey people, how chu doing?

Basically I am on holiday at the moment, guess what I have been doing..... NOTHING!!!! LOL!!!! Except for playing games on Facebook, haha!!!

I still have English methodology, Maths seminar, Accounting assignment and seminar, Economic seminar, Business Management financial status to do!!!! I'm eff-ed, LOL!!!

But guess what, I am procrastinating (dang! haha!). Thanks to Kar Wai, now I am addicted to Texas HoldEm Poker on Facebook...

It was madly funny at first because I didn't know how the hell to play Poker, I just simply pressed the same button continously. But I won you know, LOL, from 2k in my account, I got almost 30k at the end of the day, how cool is that :D

Today, which is the 2nd day I play poker, I started getting an idea of how to play poker. It's kinda similar to Choi Dai Di because there are pairs, flush, full house, etc. as well.

Oh well if you don't know how to play, just sit at a random table, lose a few thousands then you will know =)

Anyway, nothing much happens these days as I am just staying at home.

I really wanna go to Coles for food shopping since my fridge is getting miserably empty and I wanna cook something nice for me (for eg, Beef Brisket with Onion-Lemon Marmalade & Sweet Potatoes).

But yesterday the hamsup landlord came so I had to hide in my room, and today it rains, in fact, it's still raining, haizzzzzzz.....

I may just cook indo mee or something like dat then, or I will try to wait till it stops raining, I am soooo hungry like dunno-what-already *cry*

I have a special P/S for someone at the end of this post, on your way to the end (yes dear, this entry is gonna end soon), enjoy a random conversation between Rita and the male poker mates.

Dun worry if you dun understand what we were talking about, we were just playing games and it's very random =)

Roel D: hi rita
Rita Kim: hi :)
Roel D: you're so cute
Kardaras Dhmhtrios: no rita
Rita Kim: thanks
Rita Kim: oh sorry Kar (I think I won and Kar lost money here, thats why he said No to me)
Kardaras Dhmhtrios: ok
Rita Kim: i think im out of my mind (cuz I put all the money in haha)
Kardaras Dhmhtrios: ok
Rita Kim: lol
Kardaras Dhmhtrios: sori (and he won)
Rita Kim: hey cool
Rita Kim: lol
Keshia Beard: nice
Kardaras Dhmhtrios: rita
Rita Kim: this is insane (I put all my money in again xD)
Rita Kim: let's be insane (...and tried to make people follow me :D)
Rita Kim: LOL
Baggasauras Rex : omg lol (he followed me)
Rita Kim: i know, lol, omggg (and we both lost, haha)
Rita Kim: im daring lol
Josh Lahmers: oh wow lol (now this guy followed me too)
Rita Kim: let's all be daring
Josh Lahmers: im facked (until he realized he's gonna lose, but ... too late LOL)
Josh Lahmers: lol
Baggasauras Rex : F it
Baggasauras Rex : lol
Rita Kim: :) (this part, I won)
Brock V: nh
Rita Kim: wat does nh stand 4???
Brock V: nice hand
Rita Kim: ahh..
Adi Darrji: hi rita
Rita Kim: hi :)
Adi Darrji: howz it goin fo u
Rita Kim: errr ok?!
Adi Darrji: dang u got sexy lips wut the brand u got in ur hand lol (err that's my lip balm)
Rita Kim: thnx :)
Adi Darrji: how old r u
Rita Kim: 19
Adi Darrji: kool
Adi Darrji: wut do u do study or wrk
Rita Kim: uni
Adi Darrji: nice wut u studyin
Rita Kim: doing bachelor of biz
Adi Darrji: ic


P/S: I don't hate you anymore and I wonder if you wanna be my pet sis =)

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