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Sorry for the lack of updating my blog. I am under stress these days =(

And sorry I will not write anything about my 2 Sydney trips. First of all, there were many personal things which I don't wanna tell anyone *wink*. Second, I am not in mood since I am not happy when I think about the relationship. Don't ask anything!!!

Back to the topic, I had a crazy weekend with Yan!!!

This time, crazy means ... really "crazy", LOL.

It was not in our plan at all. Just read ^^
Align Centre
We met up at the cinema at first, and we bought tickets to watch "17 again" (Zac Zac Zac Zac Zac ^^!!!)

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The movie started at 5pm, we still had more than 1 hour to chill so we walked to the river side for some snacks =)

I scared Yan by telling him that there are sharks in the river (but seriously, there ARE!!!) and we had fun talking craps while watching the moon rising as well as ... errr, bird shitting ==".

We joked about the reason Yan came to Brisbane, that when Yan was in Switzerland, he dreamed about me, a girl named Rita, calling him to come to Aussie. So he sold everything he had in Switzerland, he sold his car, he quit his job (LOL), and now he is here!!! Well, the dreaming part was a joke (I think), but the selling stuffs and quitting job part was not a joke at all =).

Then we went back to the cinema...

The movie was okay, I personally think that if the main character was not Zac Efron, it wouldn't be that good =). The only thing that made me feel upset was when Zac was slapped by many people T____T.

Yan was laughing at me for liking Zac so much =.="

After the movie, a random sad incident occurred, which made me cry. I was trying to hide it from Yan and kept telling him that I was okay, after his many questions asking: "Are you okay???". But well, I think he saw it, he saw my dumb face expression, which I was trying so hard to hide and threw a fake smile at him.

While we were walking to a big bridge linking South Bank side with the city, 2 people called Yan and we stopped to talk to them for awhile. And heck, they didn't even know who Yan was, LOL. One of them, named Ben, could speak French, so Yan and Ben said a few things in French which I understood it as "hi, my name is ben, how are you?", "very well thank you", LOL. I think 99.99% I was correct, haha.

Oh btw, haven't I told you that Yan could speak French? He told me he lived in an area that is near France, he called it "the France area", I remember it was "Valais" (<--- click on the word "Valais" to know more about it), so that's the reason why he speaks Francais ^^. German is another language he had to learn at school too =).

Thanks to those 2 strangers we met near the bridge, we knew that there would be a firework show at 7.30pm right at that location. It was around 7.15pm so I and Yan walked to somewhere near the middle of the bridge and we stopped there to wait for the firework. I met 2 of my friends on the bridge ^^

Here are the pics:

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He had to lower his body since I'm not... ehem... T___T"

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No more pic of the firework because I and Yan stopped taking pics and enjoyed the show. It was really great!!! The ending was awesome =)

We then walked around, didn't know where to go until Yan walked me back to Myer center for The Beach House. He ordered something which was a mix between whiskey and coke, smelled good but tasted errr.. bitter >"<. He said it was yummy though... I wanted ice-cream but there was no ice-cream (boooo!!!) so I ordered a Cappuchino ==" (sorry la, I'm an alcohol virgin, sometimes drink a lot but never got drunk).

While waiting for Yan (to run around to order my coffee haha), I built a coaster tower ^^
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..with flash on...

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...without flash on...

We were actually asking each other where to go next (told you, we had no plan LOL), but I had no idea at that time. Finally Yan gave me 3 choices: "Discotheque, restaurant, and .. another place". I wanted to go to discotheque somehow but I was not in mood for drinking, I wondered if people would allow me in if I only wanted to dance ==". Suddenly I came up with a crazy idea, which was the main story of this post LOL, I told him to go to Gold Coast, at almost 10pm LOL. And he .... agreed!!! O_O".

Oh boi, how I love going out with people who are totally free like Yan haha xD!!!

So we walked to the train station to catch the train to G.C and I met a classmate of mine, Ario =). Yan and Ario (and I) talked for awhile and I told Ario that we were going to Gold Coast, before he reminded me of the Academic English report >"<. But well, who cared, I didn't, since I was kinda sad at that time (thanks to "someone") and Yan was okay for a night-over outside.

We went to Gold Coast ^^!!!

After getting off the train, we caught a taxi and it took us to Surfers Paradise. Trust me, the place was totally insane at night, at least that night. So many people walking around, so many bars and night clubs, and the beach was just a few steps away. How great was that?! :D

We wandered around before deciding to go to the beach =)

The sand was freaking cold, I tell u. But we jumped into it anyway, lol, wat's the point of going to the beach but not touching the sand =) [and how could that happen anyway?! =="]

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Look!!! Yan's hand was buried under the sand ... by me =D

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My 2 feet were buried under the sand, too

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...by Yan...

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Do you believe that it's the sea???

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The buildings behind us

There's a funny story, so funny that until now whenever I think about it, I still find myself laughing like a maniac xD.

I was actually teaching Yan a simple Karate kick, so I had to show him first. After showing him the steps, I wanted to gather all the steps together and give a full kick. I planned to do a high kick
because I love high kicks, but my dress is so tight at the end, right above my knees, around my thighs ==". Therefore, guess what, I did a low kick ==". Wait, that's not all, he was standing on my right, face to face with me, far enough for my right foot to reach him. So can you guess where my kick went to??!!!

You're right,


We both heard a loud sound like PUP when my foot reached that "sensitive destination". HAHA!!! I even told him: "Don't do anything!!!" before kicking!!! OMG why am I so bad??? LOLOLOLOLOLOL xD

Luckily, I didn't use much force or strength/etc. at all. Still, he told me that it was painful, he kept asking me: "Why you kick my dick???" haha xD. Sorry Yan~

After a while, we walked back to where the nightclubs were and ended ... being rejected because they were closing :( *sigh*

So, I and Yan walked around again, we bought 2 pieces of pizza and sat on a bench, talked more craps, listened to a man who was playing guitar on the street, looking at drunk nerds. And gosh, Yan smoked :"(

He told me he was trying to stop smoking because he knew it was bad for his health (and also because I was asking him to quit smoking). But well, I didn't want to spoil the fun so I just let him smoke anyway. After all, his girlfriend smokes too.

Oh, haven't I told you Yan has a girlfriend??? She is now in Switzerland. Trust me, you've gotta hear them talking to each other in French, sounds super sweet. I wish I could speak French that fluently and that sweet too *heart shaped eyes*

Since there was no where else to go, and we didn't want to go to hotel or motel or backpackers accommodation (and since I was trying to avoid going there), we walked back to the beach and at that time we really lied on the sand, stared at the starry sky, sang songs (Yan said I had a nice voice, I know I do LOL).

Yan's girlfriend called him and they started talking, on the phone of course. Gosh, he sounds very sweet when he speaks French, or is it just because he was talking to his girlfriend so that's why his voice sounded sweet???!!! =="

Suddenly, there was a fight took place very near us. Two groups were spitting bad words to each other, they almost fought, or they already did but we didn't know ==".

All I could remember was:

_ @#$%^&, fuck off!!!
_ *&^%$@#, fuck off!!!
_ %^&$#*@, fuck off!!!
_ &#$%^&*~, fuck off!!!

... and it continued with the very same ending, "fuck off". LOL.

We walked into a higher place, and looked at the fight, so busybody haha xD. It was very cold so we decided to stay in there for a while. There was not many people there, in fact, at that time, there was only 2 of us. So we continued our talk, I remember it was about cartoons, LOL. Yan borrowed my glasses and if you wonder how he looks like, here are the pics:

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..with the flash..

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..no flash..

Then we walked out of that place, as I suggested, and I showed him some simple pole dance moves haha. Where's the pole, you ask? It was actually a sign pole, I think it was a "No Entry" or "No Parking" sign board. Luckily it was not a "No Pole Dancing" sign board LOL xD

We entered a 24/7 coffee shop. This time, Yan ordered a Cappuchino and I ordered a hot glass of milk, it was not in the menu, but well, nobody cared LOL.

We hung around for ... another while ==", Yan smoked =( and I ... looked at him smoking ==". Until it was almost 5am something, we walked into that warm place again, which had a big sign said: "Red Rooster" to hide from the wind.

When it was 5.24am, we walked down to the beach to wait for the sun to rise. How I could remember the time to clearly? Look at this.

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The sun was on its way to rise...
Or the earth was actually spinning its way to face the sun =)

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..."cleaning" the sand...

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I love this pic a lot!!! Look at ... everything xD

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That's me, after a night without sleep, wandering around on the streets >"<

Then, Yan tried to catch me (taking pictures, I mean, not "catching" literally ==") when I was doing the star jump. And he....

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...FAILED...!!! Hahahaha...

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An early morning flight

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Yan called this "Heaven"

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Hello, sun! We were waiting for you!!! =)

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There were many fat birds walking around

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This one was sleeping

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..because it lifted one leg up and hid it's head...
(LOL, Yan was like: "Look!!! That bird has only 1 leg!!!!" HAHAHA!!!)

We then planned to go back to Brisbane, after I stopped him from sleeping on the sand (poor Yan). We slept on the train instead, and it was Yan who woke me up ==".

It was around 1pm something, time for lunch, and we entered a Japanese shop called "Ajisen Ramen" (I and Daryl also went into one "Ajisen Ramen" in Sydney last week).

Sorry no picture taken because my phone ran out of battery, how lame!!! =="

Before going home, we entered a few shops in the city, I bought 4 books and Yan bought a cap (he looked really satisfied with it, just like a child LOL).

I went home and slept like a pig...

Thanks a lot Yan, muaxx!!!

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SK said... @ 7 May 2009 at 23:18

That's a pretty cool and crazy night! Love the sunrise photos. :)

Rita Kim said... @ 8 May 2009 at 09:24

Thanks SK

SK said... @ 8 May 2009 at 09:39

BTW Cool blog!
Will be dropping by from time to time.
Unexpected trips are always fun.

Rita Kim said... @ 9 May 2009 at 07:38

LOL yea I agree, it was kinda thrilling and exciting xD

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