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It's been so long since I abandoned this blog and I'm making an official come back now. This blog has been so faithfully waiting for me and never complained about anything (cuz it can't lol). As a matter of fact, I'm more active when I'm sad. I don't share many happy moments here but I pour most of my depressing thoughts and stressful feelings all over this blog. Such an emo blogger lol :)

Never mind the previous entry I posted a few days ago, I've been good so far. Just so you know, my schedule is less packed now. I mostly spend my time at a strip club - my work place :D. Earning money is hard, earning lotsa money is even harder. But it's good. I'm literally supporting myself now. My mom is such a lucky woman and I really hope she knows + appreciates that xD

I wanna fill my spare time with dancing classes. But I'm still deciding what style to learn. Hip hop/jazz funk/street dance would be so normal now. I've tried pole dancing. It was great, I absolutely love it, but I don't have a pole at home (yea I know, I've been blabbing about my plan of buying a 50mm x-pole but I'm just too lazy for that now. Besides, there's no room in my room lol, get it?). Plus, even if I am a master at pole dancing, I can't simply take videos and show off right?! The reasons? Well, in case you don't know, pole dancers wear bikini and platform heels (sometimes gogo boots) cuz otherwise, it will be very hard to climb onto the pole and "stick" urself on it.


I know not many people would wanna see me in bikini and heels like Carmen Electra in the pic above =="

Or, I can go back to Karate class!!! Hmm...urrgghhh...pls...NO!!! I'm a lazy bitch for that stuff!!! I'd rather use my pepper spray hahaha!!! Besides, I think Yellow Belt is good enough. Guys, it's just colours, no need to trip over it!!! I'm pretty sure black belts are sold everywhere with affordable price LOL >:D \m/

So yea, basically you can see I'm in a dilemma now, not knowing what to do haha. Suggestions would be great :)

Okay, it looks like my coming-back-post is long enough now *yawn*. I just came back from work, with lotsa thoughts in my head, but I will keep them to myself lol. All I need right now is a good sleep, then hopefully when I wake up, everything will be brighter and I will feel better. I'm always a cool player, no matter what situation I am in :)

Love y'all,

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