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Sometimes I am lost, sometimes I find ways. I guess my life is a process of being lost and finding ways. Breathe in breathe out just to realise I am alive. I am a wanderer by days and a dreamer by nights. Looking for my true wanted life right now... 

What is life all about?? 

If I could just start it all over again, I know the best way is to change a few things around. But sometimes, I think I am who I am today is because of incidents in my past. And to be honest with all of you, I am happy being how I am right now. It's just the situation is not what I expected. 

Yes we expect much, we dream big, we want to go far. But sometimes, life drags you to places and slows you down. That's just what it's all about, taking the challenges and get over them. 


I have been stressed inside out, depressed to the core of a bottomless pitch black empty space. Many times I cried my eye balls out, screamed out loud under the pillows, covered myself up in a thick blanket and just bawled. It didn't help with the situation but it did help my feelings. 

Anyone who has known me well is probably sick and tired of my complicated emotions and psychological system. Of course everyone has problems and all I want to do sometimes is to have a huge group hugs, talk the shits out and maybe we could help each other. Human, after all, is one of a kind and we should be together, side by side, you and me. 

The thing is, maybe, to solve our own problems, we will just have to take a step forward and it will be already half solved. Keep telling yourself that and you will be happy realising the problem itself has already been gone before you knew it. 

Please don't give up, keep living, and make your life worth while. I know I will try my best at that. 

Hope and pray for a happy life. 

xoxo Rita K.Y (NKT)

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